Let’s get you for first 100 Pinterest followers!

Followers are kind of a big deal when you’re trying to market on social media. Sure, you can get viral Pins without them, but it’s much easier to depend on consistent, steady growth. Trust me on this, viral Pins are unicorns, which are nice, but if you hang all your hopes and dreams on them, they’ll let you down!

I want to show you my system I use to consistently gain followers. No tricks, no gimmicks, no “magic secret only power pinners know!” type of crap. Just stuff that works for a busy mom who work from home and doesn’t have time to fool with junk. Over the next four days in this free email course, here’s what we’ll go over:

Realistic time commitment

There are lots of people who offer “tricks” and systems that take a lot of work to maintain, which is great if you’ll have tons of time to burn for, like, ever. But my system focuses on a sustainable approach for busy entrepreneurs. You can automate it simply, with minimal maintenance.


No fake "guarantee"

This is a system, which requires work and consistency. Just signing up won’t take you anywhere, and half-applying it will get you half the results. I don’t offer a magic feather here, only a strategy you can apply to your Pinterest habits to grow your following. It will work as effectively as you work at it!

Quick, actionable lessons

We’re all busy, so I’ll keep the lessons brief and to the point for you, so you can get in, learn what you need to know, and get back out of your inbox.


When you sign up I’ll send you a link to join our Facebook community where I and 4,000 of my best online buddies support one another in our businesses. We also do follow threads every Saturday, where you can link to your Pinterest profile to get more followers… which doesn’t hurt anybody!

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