Feeling stuck in your business sucks. It’s easy to feel like you’re never going to make progress because you’re spinning your wheels and you don’t know how to break that cycle. 

Because this is such a common theme that I hear in my Facebook group, I wanted to take a morning to write about the process I use to get “unstuck” – and give you a resource where you can work with me one on one to get more help with where to focus in your business! 

1. Get clear on your next goals

Being an entrepreneur, you have to be something of a dreamer, and a trail blazer. Even if you’re following a program or a course, when you create a business you’re creating new pathways and new options in your life that weren’t there before. That can be scary.

Being unclear on your immediate goal will cause decision fatigue, whereas knowing your exact goal means eliminating unnecessary decisions. 

When I created my business, I had one goal: get us out of the debt we were in so we could move forward with our lives. I spent the minimum necessary to get my business off the ground, and put everything else toward getting rid of our debt. This system worked beautifully, because when there was income from my business, I knew exactly where it was going. There was no questioning if it was for eating out, investing into a training program to help me, I had one immediate goal. 

Knowing your immediate goal, and not letting anything else become a priority will go a long way toward getting you unstuck, because it gives you a clear direction to move in, and clearly defines what’s unnecessary and what’s going to help you get where you want to be. 

2. Clear the clutter

Clutter in your business is going to overwhelm you and make you much more stressed then you have any need to be.

Once you’ve made a decision about what action you’re going to take in an area of your business, get rid of the rest.

  • business ideas
  • marketing tactics
  • products or services you could be offering, if you had time (there will be time later, after you’ve finished what you’re working on now!)
  • goals that are based on someone else’s priorities or ideas

3. Make your decisions and move on

Second-guessing yourself is a manifestation of fear that is dangerous, because it feels like the responsible action. Let’s pretend for a second that you’ve decided to become an self-published ebook author. That’s how you want to serve your audience and make your money. But, after you make that decision, you read some article about how authors who self publish don’t make good money, and you’re thrown into a tailspin of doubt.

It may feel right to constantly “educate” yourself and send yourself into a cycle of anxiety and inaction, because you want to “know all the facts” – but in reality, once you’ve decided on a course, it’s time to tune out the nay-sayers and haters and get down to work. 

Constantly second-guessing yourself comes from not trusting your intuition. Your intuition is there for a reason, built on all of your life experiences, education, and your brilliance. Don’t mistake fear and self-doubt for intuition.

4. Focus on progress & completion 

At this stage, it’s time to let go of the rest of the crap and actually focus. Without focusing on the action you’re committed to making, you won’t actually achieve anything. You’ll have a lot of half-baked ideas, started projects you want to finish “one day” and a Pinterest board full of “inspiration” that isn’t doing you any good. Trust me, I see it all the time. 

A lack of focus keeps you stuck and held captive, locked in a battle of frustration, guilt, shame, and wishing you could get shit done and start making some freaking money. 

Easy Ways to Encourage the Habit of Focus

  • Keep a file of things you can work on later, once you’re ready to create new goals. That way you can save the idea, but not get sidetracked. 
  • Have one place to save ideas, so no matter how many ideas you have you’ll be able to find the ideas when you’re ready for them.


For more ideas see my post How to go from Constant Idea Overwhelm to Finishing Projects


One of the biggest problems I see with new entrepreneurs is that they feel stuck between all of the options of what they could be doing in business.  There are so many options these days, which one should you choose? 

If that sounds like you – you’re welcome to take my free quiz and learn where you might be best suited to start your business. These are the questions I ask all of the people who email me or leave comments here or in our Facebook community- so they’re based on thousands of hours of helping women like you decide where to go next on their journey to start making money from home, while still being themselves and using their natural gifts! 


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