Okay guys. It drives me nuts when I see entrepreneurs who are “stuck” in a hole of their own making, which is most of the time with people who work for themselves or want to be in this crowd.

In this video I share the biggest three things that will enable you to “break through” when you feel stuck or held back. Enjoy!

Now that you’ve gotten your inspirational talk for the day, I wanted to share some more tactical suggestions that can help you get through a tough time in your business. 

Make a list of your wins & accomplishments

One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling frustrated and super-perfectionistic with myself is to make a list of anything I’ce accomplished recently. 

If I’ve been in a slump and my list is unsatisfactory, I go do something to make myself proud. More often then not, I realize that feeling stuck in my business boils down to one or two big things that I need help to accomplish, so when I can put it into perspective it helps me reset my mood. 

Use essential oils 

Sometimes, a mood is just a mood, and getting over it is as simple as using something to help you out.

  • Cheer Up Buttercup from NOW Foods is a great blend my entire family loves. We use it in the diffuser only because it has bergamot oil which shouldn’t be used topically
  • We also love Citrus Bliss from Doterra (I don’t sell Doterra essential oils, that link gives credit to my mother.) my family is obsessed with it, my husband basically uses it as 

Get out and be active

When you’re frustrated, one of the best ways. you can relieve it is to get your body moving. When I’m super energetic and have time, I go for a walk with the kids.

But, when I don’t want to take a lot of time out of my day I’ll do kettlebell exercises like basic swings which work your whole body  very efficiently. (Lots of muscles worked, not lots of time spent!) 

Remember your big why

One of the things that’s really important to remember is your big why. Your big why is the one that drives all your smaller goals, and it’s the only kind of motivator that will keep you going through a rough patch. 

If you’re stuck trying to hit one small goal (even if it feels big emotionally) you’ve got to remember your big picture of why you started your business or you’re probably going to give up and your business will fail. (You can read more about what makes your big why different from small goals here.)

Notice what week of your cycle you’re on

Yup, you read that right. If you’re lady, then which week of your cycle you’re on can make a big difference in your mood and how you feel toward your business