Over the past year, I’ve been subtly changing everything about how I handle my money, my life, and my business. It’s been something subtle, but powerful that’s lead me to a completely different sort of daily routine, and it’s really allowed me to live the sort of life I wanted to when I set out to have the “laptop lifestyle” – whatever that actually means.

See, when I started Organize Your Biz, I wanted to create a place where women entrepreneurs could come for resources in their business. So I created resources to help them make passive income, but a huge piece was missing, in my business and in my students’ business, and I could see it was causing a lot of burnout and problems.

One size fits all business models

The problem with one-size fits all business models is that, much with one-size fits all clothing, one size rarely sits all sizes well. The curvy women, tall woman won’t look the same in that “one size” wrap skirt as her friend with a small frame, and fewer curves… and business is the same way. And us entrepreneurs trying to fit into a mold that isn’t made for us is causing us to burnout.

Focusing for hours and hours on a business model that isn’t made for us is like wearing jeans that are 2 sizes to small. You might be able to get them buttoned by some miracle, but you’re not going to be comfortable! Forget bending, eating, or sitting comfortably – cause it’s just not gonna happen. And girl let’s not even talk about the muffin top.

For entrepreneurs squeezing into a business model that doesn’t fit them, the symptoms look like this:

  • constant frustration, even though you’re “doing the right things”
  • feeling empty or hollow when you hit milestones that should excite you
  • fighting your instincts constantly
  • feeling like a failure because one personality trait keeps holding you back

Yeah, I’ve been there big time. Several times, in fact. I’d done a lot of courses, and read a lot of books to try to help me.

I decluttered, restructured, delegated and automated my ass off, and still felt really frustrated, hollow, and ultimately I felt like a failure because my business was becoming a huge emotional suck in my life, and I was terrified that I’d finally gotten everything I wanted, only to discover it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Last year, I took a personality quiz called the Sacred Money Archetypes quiz. I’ve always loved that kind of thing, because it gives my insight as to why I do the things I do. But this one was different. Instead of the same old song and dance, I also got coached on how my Archetype made a difference in how I handle money.

And since how you handle money is also reflected in how you handle other areas – it’s also how you handle business. And I was freaking out, in a good way. For three days, I basically talked about this quiz non-stop to my very patient husband, who nodded and listened patiently. I learned things like:

  • the fact that I rock at creating things, but often move on quickly doesn’t mean I’m lazy – it’s actually an asset in my business! I’d always felt like I was “too impulsive” to be good at business, but actually, some of my biggest business heroes were the same personality, so I was really relieved to hear that I wasn’t alone!
  • my need to always have the best, and the nicest things around me doesn’t mean I’m a snob, it’s something I can use in my business and personal life to make things better for my family and my team.
  • the fact that I am constantly driving toward bigger, better goals is something that I can use
  • my not really caring emotionally about if we had money in savings (even though I understand how important it is logically!) is totally a part of my personality, and “boring” methods of increasing my savings just don’t work for me, and it encouraged me to find methods that do work!

Some of these things were really huge and impactful immediately. I immediately began implementing these lessons into my personal and professional life, and immediately the cycle of burnout stopped. Anything that didn’t fit my personality, I either outsourced, automated, or dropped entirely. One day I’ll have to write a blog post about when I had to tell my husband I was refunding 2 months of a coaching program I started, then realized didn’t fit me at all, so I needed to do right by my customers and give all of them two months worth of payments back. He (who loves having money in savings and hates to see money go out the door for any reason) asked that we not talk about it anymore, but encouraged me to do what I needed to do to thrive in my business… and told me not to tell him the details of how much that mistake had cost us.

Anyway, if you want to know your archetype, I would love to share with you a video of how I used some of my top strengths to create a business that aligned perfectly with my personality. Take the quiz here to find out your type, and I’ll share the video with you at the end!