I am all about keeping your monthly costs down, which means either getting lifetime subscriptions or finding all in one tools that do everything you need so you can limit the number of monthly subscriptions. I work very hard to limit the things I pay for on a monthly basis, but when managing social media was something that every successful blogger I knew of was paying for, so it was just a matter of finding the right thing.

How to manage social media with very little ongoing work for busy entrepreneurs

Things I tried

I used a lot of social media services trying to find something that fit. I found that some programs worked better than others, and I ended up with some favorites, and some things I really hated.

  • Hootsuite – I liked their capabilities but hated their interface. Then when Pinterest got big, Hootsuite didn’t offer integration so it was off the table as an all in one solution. Some people love them, I’m not one of them.
  • Tailwind – Tailwind is ah-mazing for Pinterest, you can schedule repins and Pins, plus they have the Tribes feature that is amazingly helpful when you are serious into Pinterest, which every blogger should be. They are my favorite for my starting posts that I want to get out there in front of a big audience.
  • Coschedule – this one was the best all-around social media manager by a long shot. I love them as much as I love Tailwind, but for different reasons. Tailwind may be the King of Pinterest, but Coschedule is the best for everything else. They are also good for managing Repins on an automatic schedule, which Tailwind doesn’t do.
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My system for managing ongoing social media

Okay, so here’s the system I use for every blog post. It’s helped me create a huge income without spending nearly as much time blogging and marketing, which I love.

1.Create templates in CoSchedule

Templates are the biggest feature for saving time. I have different templates for my most common posts. I outline my social media posting, and reposting, schedules in my freebie when you signup for my newsletter, so grab it for sure! Don’t waste time trying to hyper-analyze what time your posts get scheduled: CoSchedule decides the best times for you.

Templates allow you create as many social messages as you want at one time. I usually schedule my follow up for a year or two in about 5 minutes because it’s just that easy. In this first step I create posts for:

  • Instagram (I only post once or twice about new blog posts)
  • Facebook (I share to my groups, as well as my fan page)
  • Twitter ( I share my new posts around 4-6 times a year on Twitter, depending on the post.

Quick tip: if you’re scheduling a post on different social media platforms, make sure you’re pulling from the correct image. When in doubt to make things easier, post square images because they work well on most non-Pinterest platforms.

2. Create Wave #2

Once you’ve got your social media posts scheduled, Double check your work then create a second set of images with a new title then repeat your process. Instead of posting to all social networks though, only post to your hot sources of traffic. For most bloggers I know this is Pinterest.

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3. Setup Re-Queue

When Organize Your Biz began to grow, I seriously considered hiring someone to help me with my social media. I had looked at the cost of adding Re-Queue to my account and thought it was “too much” but as my business, and my Pinterest side hustle, grew and I started making more money I realized that Coschedule’s Re-queue feature would be a lot cheaper and would help me eliminate a lot of the work I would have been hiring an assistant for.

Since my focus for Organize Your Biz is creating super-useful stuff for you guys, instead of just publishing blog posts for the sake of publishing them like some bloggers do, so I want the few blog posts I do write to make their way around the web regularly, without a ton of work from me.

  • it just isn’t a popular post with my audience – in which case no amount of marketing will fix that
  • the post is a evergreen post that will bring consistent, if not viral, traffic (I’m alright with smaller amounts of more consistent traffic on those types of posts)

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CoSchedule turned my business around. When I launched my business, I used their Social Campaign feature to make my launch party easy, convenient and it kept everything all in one place! I also use it for my editorial calendar, which is great because I really needed one but didn’t need one more plugin to have to manage on top of running my businesses.