In this blog post, I want to take you behind the scenes and show you how I created a year’s worth of social media content in about two weeks. Working in bulk is something I love doing, because it allows me to work more effectively, and it also allows me to take time to work when I’m inspired and excited, so I can consistently give my tribe the best, instead of scrambling to put any old content out at the last minute.

Here are the processes I followed to create a year of social media content in two weeks. 🙂 If there’s something you want to know more about, please leave a comment and let me know, I’m happy to discuss it in more detail if it helps you take your social media content creation to the next level!

1. Outlining & writing monthly blog posts

In the past, I didn’t mind not having a terribly consistent blogging schedule, but I wanted to make sure that I was regularly putting out content on the blog to keep attracting new people. Blogging is my favorite way to reach new peoples, so I created a plan for the 12 blog posts I would schedule beforehand, although I know I’ll end up writing more throughout the year as get inspired!

For blog posts, this is the process I follow.

  1. Outline the blog post
  2. Write the blog post and add in a lead magnet
  3. Create the images to promote the post
  4. Schedule the social media images for FB with Meet Edgar
  5. Schedule the Pinterest and IG images with Tailwind

I didn’t write all of the monthly blog posts for the next 12 months, but I did outline them all, and complete a few! The outlining is the biggest mental part of the process for me, and I intend to finish the rest of the posts in the next month or so.

2. Creating the content for Instagram Mondays

I haven’t always been as consistent as I’d like with my Instagram, but I wanted to make it a priority this year. As I created my year’s worth of content, including the social media images, I made enough so that each week I could have one quote to share on IG. If I do more than that live, unscheduled throughout the year, great! If not, I can be satisfied that I was active enough!

This is my process with Instagram posts:

  1. Create the graphics
  2. Upload the graphics to Tailwind
  3. Write the captions and use Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder to decide which hashtags I should add

I also use IFTTT to share my Instagram posts directly to my Facebook group and page, so one piece of content gets shared to three places. Definitely a win in my book!

3. Angie’s Prompts for Facebook

I felt super-overwhelmed with how to do Facebook content, until I got Angie Gensler’s social media calendar. I basically worked through her plan and created all of my written posts into a spreadsheet so I could upload them into Meet Edgar in bulk.

  1. Wrote my undated posts in my spreadsheet – some of updates will get images to go along with them, I went through and added those later. Having the content was more important to me than always having images with them.
  2. Uploaded the CSV document to Meet Edgar, where I had a category setup for these new updates.
  3. Went through my Pinterest board where I’d saved content I wanted to share with my audience and used the Meet Edgar bookmarklet to add them into the queue.
  4. At the very end of adding in my content, I shuffled my queue in Meet Edgar, so all of the different types of posts were mixed up.

loved Angie’s calendar for my planning, it literally made it so simple to make all of this content. before I used the planner, I was struggling with what to post at all, much less be a year ahead of the game!

Because I believe in her calendar so much, I want to give you an extra special incentive to support a fellow woman in business, and grab a copy of her calendar!

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  • Facebook
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