One of my favorite things is showing off the people who are winning with Pinterest. I hear the excuses all the time:

  • I can’t have a business because I’m a mom
  • I won’t succeed because I don’t have experience

You know who succeeds in business? The people who roll up their sleeves, get to work and work hard. People like Katie, who is one of the students of my ecourse, Pinning Your Way to Success. I was so honored to hear about Katie’s story, I couldn’t wait to share it here with you!

When Katie started, she wasn’t making any money from home and started with 78 Pinterest followers. Since then she’s grown a TON, and since I know she’s going to keep growing, I will just let you see how many followers she has here at her profile.

What were your goals before you started the course?

I wanted to try and find a way to make some side cash to pay down some bills. I also wanted to make some money to feel good again.

What were some of your biggest fears and doubts? What kept you going through those?

I thought there’s no way this will work, I’ve had so many things not work for me in my search of a side hustle. Your honesty that this wasn’t going to be a quick get rich thing and your easy explanation of things kept me at it.

Tell us about how you got started! 

I was terrified. I was getting up at 5 in the morning everyday, trying to make pins that I wasn’t happy about how they looked. I was struggling to fit in the hours of work before my kids woke up. I wanted to quit a million times.

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When did you really start to see results?

It wasn’t until I started to make longer pins, and really research keywords that my earnings in Shopstyle grew. I was stuck at 20 cents for the longest time because I was putting more effort into Awin instead and it was not working out for me.

What are you looking forward to most as your Pinterest business grows?

I’m excited that my next payout is going to pay off a surprise medical bill we got and my credit card together. I put my family on a budget and I’m seeing us exceed our savings goals now because of my side income and I want to keep that going.

Anything you want to add for other potential students out there? (Totally optional!)

Keep trying. And seriously it is all about keywords with your pins and knowing your audience.


I love how she said, ” I wanted to quit a million times.” Literally every entrepreneur I’ve ever known who has had success has felt that same feeling, and had to work through it. Sometimes it’s easier than others!

I also (don’t judge me) teared up when I read how they’re exceeding their savings goals because of all of her hard work. I remember what it was like to be in debt and not to have the savings we needed to be comfortable and secure. I will never forget that feeling of relief when we were finally able to turn around, so Katie’s story really resonates with me.

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