I used to be really afraid of social media, because I just never felt like I was doing enough. I fell prey to the same thing a lot of entrepreneurs do, I did a lot of research, then felt too conflicted to know which action to take to make my social media marketing effective. I got all kinds of conflicting, and overwhelming advice like:

  • Share blog posts, but not too many
  • Share personal content, but don’t overwhelm your tribe
  • Give your audience tips, but don’t give away the farm
  • Ask interactive questions, not too often!
  • Share funny content, but not off-topic stuff

You see the problem, right? I felt like no matter what I shared, it would always be too much or too little. I was also afraid I wouldn’t be able to be consistent, because consistency isn’t one of my strong suits.

I want to be able to work smart, not hard with my social media, so I took some time to really be intentional about what I wanted the next 12 months to look like for my business.

I do not claim to be a social media guru and expert on growth and all that, but I knew that as I created my strategy for the next year, I wanted to be very intentional about how I spent my time. My efforts with social media had been erratic at best, and nonexistent at the worst times in my business, and I wanted this year to be all about building and enhancing my community.

I host a Facebook group called the Boss B.A.B.E Collaborative, where women entrepreneurs hang out and talk about issues concerning being a female entrepreneur. That is where I am the most active, and where I spend most of my time and energy. My big goals for social media marketing were:

  • To create a variety of posts that allow the women in my group to be inspired and encouraged, as well as to be challenged to be growing in their business
  • To spark intentional conversations
  • To create consistent visibility for my brand in a way that provides amazing value and interaction within my Tribe

My social media schedule

My social media schedule for this year was super simple, even though it might look a little complicated when it’s all written out.

  • Sunday – Meet Edgar was already cycling through my old blog content on Sundays, I left that alone.
  • Monday – Instagram post, which also gets shared to my group and Facebook page
  • Tuesday – I decided to leave this space open for white space, and doing things on the fly.
  • Wednesday – (Angie’s Prompts)
  • Thursday – (Angie’s Prompts)
  • Friday –  I’d already created a few posts called “just for fun” on Fridays, which aren’t business related. I kept those as they were!
  • Saturday – (Angie’s Prompts)

This will be the most active I’ve been in the group, without simply using the same prompts for daily threads. I used to simply have the same types of posts recycle each week, but I wanted to create a more “community” feeling that was open for everyone to post.

1. Taking out the extra decisions

I like having a framework I can start with, but personalize and make my own. I use Angie Gensler’s social media calendar to create my basic plan for social media. I loove how affordable it is ($36), and how simple and straightforward it is to use. I also used it for the first half of this year, but didn’t use it as much as I would have liked to.

What I loved about using Angie’s calendar was that it took out the decision part of making my plan. I’m sure there’s probably some fancy method I could have used, but I like to keep it simple and do what works. Clearly, trying to decide between all the complicated stuff wasn’t working, so I just followed the plan Angie lays out in her calendar.

Rather than saying “Okay, share this” her guide gives prompts that help you create what you’re sharing. This was a big issue with the not-so-helpful stuff I found on Pinterest before I decided to get Angie’s calendar. I don’t want to ask my audience stupid stuff like, “What kind of popsicle was your favorite as a kid?” in a group for women in business – that’s not really relevant at all. 

2. Plan one kind of content in bulk

love doing things in bulk, but love being able to mix it up too. So, I focused on creating one kind of content, focusing on 1 month at a time. Using Angie’s calendar helped me, because I could break it down easily.

  1. Plan any holiday posts – most of my content is evergreen, but I wanted to be more intentional about sharing some unique and holiday-specific content. I don’t do this for every holiday, but it’s something I’ve wanted to be more intentional about, so having them on the calendar was helpful for that!
  2. Schedule other relevant content posts – one of the things Angie recommends is using other outside content from other sources, which I always loved the idea of, but felt overwhelmed by. So I went through with the Meet Edgar bookmark tool and saved some articles I LOVED one night as I Netflix binged Scandal.
  3. Schedule the posts in Meet Edgar and Tailwind – I love Meet Edgar, because it means I can create genuine posts, but don’t have to do all the work all the time to be visible with my audience.

And, because I loved using the guide so much, I want to encourage you to take action to become more intentionally visible as well, so I have a special offer for you.

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