Are group boards worth the trouble?

One of the things I deal with a lot is people asking me group boards. There’s a lot of bad information out there, and I want to address some of those issues and talk about ways to overcome some of them!  People come to me all the time and ask me things like:

  • I can’t find group boards that are accepting people?
  • I’m applying to boards and never hearing back!
  • A lot of boards don’t allow affiliate links.
  • You can’t get followers without group boards! I’m stuck, what do I do?

I can’t grow my following without group boards!

Okay, firstly, the myth that you need to be in group boards to gain followers is a bunch of garbage. It’s just not true at all. Here’s the truth behind that: if someone follows a group board, the creator’s profile gets followed, not yours.

Yes, some of your Pins might be shared, which can lead you your Pins becoming more popular, but mostly creators of group boards are the ones who are benefitting as far as followers go.

I’m not hearing back when I request to be added!

Secondly, I love Pinterest but when you have a group board you will get FLOODED with requests. So when a board creator doesn’t get back to you, it’s nothing personal. It’s also more normal than not to not get a response.


The next best thing – Tailwind Tribes!

While I really love group boards, but I don’t Pin to them a lot because I really prefer to use Tailwind Tribes.

The biggest reason why I LOVE Tribes is that it’s easier to share things into Tribes and see exactly what result you’re getting (or not getting!) and it’s easy to make sure you’re sharing the correct amount as well. You can also find that info for group boards, but it’s not always as easy, and as clear cut as it is with Tribes. I hate having to spend a lot of time digging through analytics to know what’s working and what isn’t, and prefer to spend my time on income-producing activities instead.

You can see my totally-free ecourse on Tailwind and how to use it (including Tribes!) here.


Want to find more group boards and Tribes?