One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is that I have the ability to create as many streams of income as I have time to finish. It’s something I love to do, especially when I can automate the entire process. When I first started Organize Your Biz, I had 5 blog posts, and 3 email lead magnets that lead to 3 email sequences. That might sound like a lot if you’re first starting out, but it’s really nothing compared to the enormous machine that has become my business funnels.

So, this month I sat down to make a list of all the parts of my business. I knew I needed a better system for figuring out how to make sure everything was streamlined and organized, clear to all team members (whether they were new, or already established). These are all the parts of my business that work in an interconnected manner to create all of our content systems:

  • lead magnets
  • free courses (which also count as lead magnets, but have a lot more content)
  • email sequences
  • paid products
  • affiliate products I regularly promote
  • branding (colors, fonts, and images) for all of the above items

Just making the list was overwhelming to me. I couldn’t imagine how to begin organizing everything, until one of my dear friends sent me a database she built for managing one of her enormous projects, and I knew I had the right tool to manage the project.

I decided to join the free plan for AirTable, which was great, since I only really needed one database of content, I really didn’t need the bigger paid plans (although maybe I’ll upgrade to that later, we’ll see if I need to!). After that, everything was pretty easy to setup, surprisingly so!

Creating the database

I used the Digital Asset Management database template, which was amazing, and made the setup quick and easy for me.

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