Dear Side Hustle Bloggers,

You’re probably a really nice person. So please start acting like it.

Stop recommending crappy side hustles

When you recommend crappy side hustles like SwagBucks, you aren’t helping people. Sure, those $5 Amazon gift cards are nice, but that won’t pay their bills, pay for a car repair or basically anything useful to someone who wants to change their financial future.

Also, the horrible job applications you’re sharing about “hypothetical” things people “could” do- can you stop posting those too? Unless you’ve made a living writing freelance articles, then don’t share that horrible idea with someone else. I did support myself that way when I was a new single mother, and it was horrible, and I love to write! I know how lovely it is to get paid for every lead you send to people! I have a few services that I actually use that I recommend to people, and the income is awesome! But please stop recommending jobs you literally know nothing about besides “Oh hey! If I share this and put up a pretty graphic, people will trust me and I’ll get money because they registered!”

People care if you don’t care about their long term success. A lot of them don’t have blogs and a platform of their own, so I’m taking it upon myself to speak for them. Just stop. Stop wasting their time with meaningless side hustles that don’t help them create a long-term solution that will actually begin to solve their financial issues.

For bloggers who write about blogging

Also, please stop recommending BlueHost to aspiring bloggers. They suck, and it’s not just me saying it either. The only people recommending them are the people who are making bank off their commissions.

I seriously wish I could copy and paste all the threads from my blogging Facebook groups here, but that would be really long. Seriously, if you’re a blogger who recommends Bluehost and don’t use them yourself, just stop. You can read all the reasons why in-depth here. If you use them, cool! Recommend away. But let’s start keeping out readers in mind before we make recommendations, mmkay? Some of us work really hard to be honest and above-board in all things, please don’t give us a bad name because you like the Bluehost commission structure.



Christina Root


P.S. There’s no sales pitch or angle here. I’m just tired of bloggers who take advantage of the people who trust them and give us all a bad name.