Facebook has this really handy feature where you can see what happened on this day in previous years. Sometimes they make me laugh, sometimes I’m cringing at posts I wrote in anger or frustration, and on a rare occasion, those old posts make me stop and think about how much life has changed in a year.

Today, I checked my “on this day” and saw this old gem. The week we paid off our car, the engine died, my husband’s hand-me-down truck needed more repairs then it was worth ($1,200+ worth of repairs that had to be done, plus more that would need to be done soon)… and on top of that it all happened the week we were moving.

Now, to give you a little back story, I’m naturally a spender, but I knew we were going to be moving, so we had been saving for that, and we’d also gotten into the habit of keeping a car repair fund, so when car repairs happened, it wasn’t the end of the world.

It was a crazy week. It was a really, really expensive week, which was a little painful. But what blew my mind wasn’t the expensive car repairs, the crazy timing, or even the moving.

What blew my mind was that for the first time ever, we’d had the money in savings to handle a really big problem financially. It wasn’t pleasant- spending thousands of dollars on car repairs isn’t exactly something I lay awake and dream about doing in a fun way for sure. But I realized that our life had fundamentally changed because we were no longer trying to life paycheck to paycheck. We could handle emergencies and we can

What about you?

I’m not here to sell you some “magic feather” that will cure your money problems forever. I would love to know where you’d like to be a year from now, and how your business can help you get there. This kind of clarity is sooo important – because if you don’t know what your destination is, you won’t know what steps you need to take to get there.

When I started Organize Your Biz, I knew exactly what my biggest priorities were:

  • getting out of debt (done!)
  • replace our current vehicles (done!)
  • build our savings, with several smaller goals and one large goal (in progress!)
  • let my husband leave his job and become a ferrier (done!)
  • move my family to North Carolina, where my husband grew up (done!)
  • buy or build a home, mortgage-free (we’re looking for a property or home now!)

I would love to hear about your goals. Where do you want to be a year from now? What do you want your life to look like, and how do you want it to be different?

Please leave a comment below – I love hearing where you’d like yourself to be a year from now. I make sure each comment gets replied to, because you’re important!