Struggling with depression is hard, no matter who you are. I wish I could wave a magic feather over those of us who are struggling and cure us, or use some magic regimen of exercise, diet and essential oils to make everything sunshine and rainbows. But this is the real world, and unfortunately

I made a brief list of the things I use every day, especially on the days when I am struggling with the dark and twisty side of depression and anxiety. I wanted to take some time to expand on that list and talk about how I have used each of those tools in my personal life to cope. I am not making this list as some sort of show that I’ve got it all together. There are days where I fail to cope with healthy mechanisms, and days where I don’t make healthy choices, and that’s just life. My goal for writing this post is to help inspire others who want to


Music, for me, is an instant mood lifter. I like to listen to peppy, fun and exciting music with positive “you go girl” kind of lyrics. I love using it and it’s amazing how having “dance parties” with the kids in the middle of a rough day can help turn it around.

I actually created my own playlist, which is great for me as a mood lifter. If you’ve got an Amazon prime account, you can see it below, or click here to see it on Amazon.


Essential oils

How I use essential oils could be a blog post in and of itself, because I use them for everything. My favorite oils for depression are typically anything citrus (lemon, lime, tangerine, or orange are amazing) or a mix like Cheer Up Buttercup, a blend a friend sent me through Amazon. I am not brand loyal, although I do like both Young Living and Doterra oils, as well as others when I find a blend I like…so I’m definitely not here to give you a sales pitch for either company. I just like oils, I don’t sell them. 😉

I like using oils in the diffuser, because it means the whole family will be in a better mood, but I do make roller bottles with mixes. I keep one at my desk, so whenever I need to be in a proper frame of mind, I can use my oils to help me.

One mix I really like is Balance from Doterra. If I’m deep into the fog I’ll add some geranium to a mix. I don’t love the smell of geranium, but the effect is immediate and it packs a wallop against a bad mood.

Task reminders for treading water

When you’re in the fog of depression, it’s easy to lose yourself in a sea of things you don’t have energy to do. I know when I’ve really struggled, it’s hard for me to care about anything, much less try to determine what’s really important, and what can wait until I’m back to a more sunshine-y state of mind.

When I’m struggling, my text reminders are what keep me afloat. Under “normal” circumstances, I’m super-badass-mom-boss-take-no-prisoners-hear-me-roar kind of women. When I’m depressed, life becomes about doing what I need to do survive, and keep myself treading water. I a system I use (that’s free, which is awesome) that sends me reminders about the minimum I need to do in order to keep my business afloat.

I have a free course, Digital Planning 101, where I go through the free software I use to setup my reminders, what I send to myself, and how it helps me manage my stress.

Get the free class, Digital Planning 101.

Digital Planning 101 ecourse

Walk with me through the amazing (free) digital planning software I use to manage:

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Healing Crystals

I know, the blog post says 3 things, but I wanted to add one more thing in, and I figured you wouldn’t mind having something else to help you out when you’re struggling. I love using healing crystals to help me feel grounded when I’m working, and I’ve found a bunch of ways to incorporate them into my workspace and daily routine… especially when I need a boost.


Pyrite (or fool’s gold) is used to remove negative energies. This is great for those of us who are empaths, and easily take on the emotions of others. During a particularly strong battle with depression, pyrite becomes a lifeline. My pyrite pyramid hangs out on my small grid, (I got the pyramid from this Etsy store, and the grid from this Etsy store.) while I have a pyrite that hangs out under my monitor, that came from my monthly crystal subscription box a little while back.

A desk setup with crystals and a diffuser - love this!

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of those “do it all” amplifier crystals, so I most often use it in grids like the one in the picture above, to strengthen the purpose of the center crystal. Yes, there are many, many other ways to use it, but I like to keep it simple.


Here’s a little behind-the-scenes fact for you: in almost all live videos I’ve ever done in the Organize Your Biz Facebook group, I’ve had my rhodonite sphere in my hands, just off camera. I do this for two reasons: firstly, being live on camera is something that triggers a lot of fears for me. I’m terrified people will judge me for not being some Instagram-perfect mom and mompreneur and Rhodonite helps you clear away old patters and feelings.

The second reason why I use rhodonite when I’m doing videos, is it helps me to channel my inner “sunshiney, rose-colored glasses” side of my personality, even when I’m not feeling that 100%. I love using it to bring back some of my sunshine, although when I’m depressed I have to charge it frequently or leave it on a selenite sphere stand to help it balance back out.

If you’re used to using rocks, you know there are some rocks that resonate well with some people, and not always as well with others. I love these, but there are lots of rocks (healing crystals, whatever you call them!) that may work better for you.


I hope one, or several, of these things help you! I use all of them, layering them as needed to help me through tough times when all I want to do is lay on the couch and survive. Also, seriously do check out my free class, Digital Planning 101, where I go over the free software I use to help me manage my day-to-day life, both when I’m highly functioning, and when I’m struggling to do the basics.