One of the questions I see a lot when we have people coming into out Facebook community is that they need to start making some money before they can invest into their business. 

As someone who is extremely opposed to debt, you’re never going to hear me say “put it on a credit card” becasue honestly, it’s a terrible way to build your business and puts a lot of pressure on you to make money fast, which isn’t a good way to inspire creativity. 

Create an online course 

I personally use Teachable to create my online courses, and they have a free account. You can create a free account here. 

They also have a useful webinar they host regularly, 7 Steps to Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course it’s useful if you want to make money with online courses! Register for free here. 

Start offering 1:1 services

Literally, offering services as a virtual assistant can cost you nothing if you are looking to make some quick money. Rather than outlining the whole getting started process here, I’ll refer you to my free course, Craft Your First Offer, which can help you get started making money this week as a virtual assistant, even if you have no idea what kind of services you’re going to offer to a potential client. 


Grab the course, Craft Your First Offer FREE

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Write an ebook 

I was hesitant to put this on here, becasue simply writing an ebook won’t do you much good unless you’re willing to do the work to market them. I personally almost never pay for advertising, but when you’re first starting out it can be tricky to 

So, yes, you can definitely write an ebook (or a series of ebooks if writing is your gift!) 

Create Printables

Printables are a really useful way to create a small stream of income. While places like Etsy do charge a listing fee, so I would go with somewhere like Teachers Pay Teachers, where you can list them on their marketplace. 

Once you’ve got your printables for sale, you can easily share them on Pinterest to boards that are relevant for your topic and audience. 

Sell your art (two ways)

It’s easier than ever for you to find people who want to support artists. Apps like WebToonz have turned my husband and I on to many new artists we never would have discovered, who are supported by Patreon. So, if you’re always doodling cartoons and wished you could make some money from it, that’s an awesome way to go. 

My girl friend Kimberly ended up using Pinterest marketing to start making over $1,000 a month some months selling her designs on Zazzle. You can see her store here

Create a video diary

There are several people we follow because we think their content is interesting, and we know they are making money from ads, or from their Patreon subscribers. 

Two examples in completely different genres:

  • 1000’s of Roots on Youtube – they’re not related to our family in any way, but we like watching their unique living situation. In their later videos, you’ll hear about how they have exclusive content for their Patreon subscribers and, and how their Patreon helps them pay their bills. Pretty stinking amazing for just regularly sharing videos of how you live. 
  • Ants Canada – We are a little obsessed with the AC and tend to binge on his videos. We’ve learned a lot about ants watching them, and actually it was the thing that helped Autumn get over her insane almost phobia-level fear of bugs. They regularly have ads on their videos, which means their company is making money when people watch the videos.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and you were inspired by it to go get creative when it comes to making money, with basically no investment upfront. 

Long term, of course, you’ll need to put money into your business, but when you’re first starting out it’s okay to limit the investments you make, especially if you’re on a beyond-tight kind of budget. 

If you have thoughts, questions, or more ideas, I would love to hear them in the comments. I always make sure to respond to every comment (except the trolls, I delete those buggers) and I would love to hear from you.


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