One of my favorite things about my business is being able to scale and make more money by Pinning things I love.

And you know what I really love? Christmas. Give me buckets of snow, Christmas trees and lights, hot chocolate and my very worn DVD of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey. Gah. Is it December 25th yet?

The other day, I saw a Christmas display in Hobby Lobby and I was shocked – it was so early in the year! After ranting for a bit, I bought some Christmas ornaments (don’t judge me!) and went home, getting excited because I know it’s almost time for me to start my Christmas promotions for my Pinterest affiliate marketing. If you’re new here, you can see some of my other blog posts about that, so you know what the heck I’m talking about:

Here’s the basic rundown – basically, I’ve started sharing affiliate Pins that are just for the holidays.

At first, I thought this would be a terrible idea, but I wanted to try it because it was something new, and I figured if it wasn’t a flop… it was more money. And if it was a total failure, at least I would have an excuse to listen to Christmas music while I pinned, you know, just to make me more efficient at pinning Christmas things, of course. Here are the things I started pinning:

  • gift ideas
  • holiday decor
  • holiday organizers & gadgets like wrapping paper organizers

Those did really well, and for a few months I tested them. I found that as the board with the holiday drew closer, my earnings would spike and give me a boost of a few hundred dollars during the week of the holiday. I haven’t tested this out for the big holidays yet, but it’s something I wanted to share before the holidays so you could try it too and benefit from it this winter, instead of having to wait a whole year for this to be a benefit to you!

Check it out!  Case Study: How Heather went from $2 to $100 in commissions


I would love to hear if you have a holiday board that you share affiliate links on, and if you have, what Pins were most popular for you!

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