Okay, so in the true spirit of Organize Your Biz truth sessions, let’s be real here. It’s easy to talk about some why’s as a business owner. The reasons for a side hustle or a direct sales business don’t have to be complicated or deep. Many times when I meet entrepreneurs who are just starting out, their reasons look a lot like mine on the surface:

  • get out of debt
  • make ends meet during tough times
  • put money in savings
  • save for retirement
  • put kids through college
  • to pay for a house
  • to buy a new car to replace the dying one
  • …and basically do ALL the adulting

Those are great reasons. Except they aren’t reasons. Those are goals. Those aren’t your why. Why’s look a little more like this:

  • Be debt free because my husband and I work too hard to be giving our paychecks away every month
  • Create financial stability so we can keep a roof over our heads without the worry
  • Have savings in the bank because we know bad things happen and we want the peace of being prepared. 

Those are your real why’s my friend. Those are the gut-wrenching real-life why’s that drive us and push us to become better, to do more and to swear that we’ll never find ourselves in whatever bad situation drives us forward.

My whys

I work for myself, because once I was left alone after I left my abusive husband and I swore I would never be stuck with the choice to put my kid in childcare or starve again.

I teach others, because I never want my readers to be in the financial position I was in because I didn’t have someone to teach me how to not screw up my business.

I help entrepreneurs, because I believe that every family deserves better than a crappy 9-5 that they hate, and I want every family I come into contact with to have not just hope for a better future, but the tools make that future a reality.

Why the REAL why is important & how it keeps your business from failing

It’s so important to have your real why, because the little surface goals, the ones you share over coffee with a friend, they don’t drive you through the hard times. Small goals are great for a quick win, but they won’t get you through the discouragement, fear and sometimes sheer terror that comes from being an entrepreneur.

  • Small goals without the big why won’t get you through the dry spells.
  • Small goals don’t drive you when all you want to do is sit on the couch and binge on one more season of Grey’s Anatomy and drink wine to drown out a rough day.
  • Your real why will drive you through every bad thing, and push you toward the good things every time.
  • Your real why will keep you going, when you’re tired and discouraged, and instead of a Netflix binge you make one more blog post. One more good decision to help build your business, one more action to build your new positive habit.

What’s your why?

I would love to share it with you. Of course, you can also share those nice goals we talked about at the beginning. 😉 Those are good too!

In addition to inviting you to share your big why, I would also love to share an invite to my lovely Facebook community for women entrepreneurs, the Boss BABE Collaborative



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