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Okay you guys have been asking me for a post that outlines the simplified no-BS how to get started guide, and this is it!

  1. Find your popular content by checking your analytics
  2. Pin popular content
  3. Share affiliate links

The process isn’t too difficult, really it’s all about sharing things that are a natural purchase for your audience to make, based on what they already love, and making good money off it!

First, figure out your popular content

The biggest piece is figuring out what your audience loves. This is important because taking a guess at what you should be pinning to get your audience’s attention, without any information about what your audience likes and just Pinning random crap is kind of like just writing random blog posts because it’s what you love. If you’re writing something just for you, that isn’t a blog. That’s a diary. That’s crazy, unless you want your only follower to be your mom, and most of your work using that method is probably a waste of time.

So here’s how you figure out what your popular content is.

Once you know that you can use a program like Shopstyle Collective to make affiliate Pins. We’ll get to how many Pins you should be sharing here in a sec!

Tip: When you register for Shopstyle Collective, use your Pinterest profile link as your “website”. 

Second, Pin popular content consistently

Consistency is important because it’s a huge factor in Pinterest’s Smart Feed algorithm!

See, back in the day people who had a big following used to just be able to share their content and they’d automatically get a ton of traffic, because Pinterest was showing their followers what got Pinned in real time on their Home feeds.

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These days, Pinterests’ Smart Feed takes a few different things into account when they’re looking at who and what to show in their smart feed:

  1. Consistency
  2. Reposting Popular content
  3. Number of Repins you’re getting
  4. Related Pins based on your interests
  5. The descriptions of the Pins

The consistency piece is key, and so is what you’re pinning! If you’re just pinning the random pictures of dogs you like wth only a few repins, Pinterest won’t see you as a power pinned, because you aren’t. But if you’re repinning popular content, then Pinterest won’t “Mean Girls” you and tell you you can’t sit with the cool kids in the Smart Feed.

Third, share your affiliate links

There are lots of companies out there who don’t like to accept people who promote on social media, but Magic Links is one of the companies that happily does, once you have 100 followers or more. While that may seem like a lot, it doesn’t take much to get to the 100-follower mark if you follow the steps I already outlined above.

Sharing affiliate links is sooo simple when you get started – basically, find images of products you like, and share them to your social media profile.

I recommend Pinterest, becasue the posts are evergreen – meaning that ones they get shared, people keep seeing them and sharing them. On Facebook, unless you have a post go viral, you’ll have a short burst of people seeing your post and then all the hard work you put into it will be gone forever. With Pinterest, your affiliate Pins (the ones that are making you money!) will be shared again and again, over and over, making you money long after you share your links.

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