One of my favorite things about creating content for my brand is finding new and innovating ways to create positive interaction with my audience that naturally markets itself. Recently, we’ve been doing this with quizzes and we’ve been getting anywhere from 30 to 200 new leads each a day from it, so I wanted to break down how I did it, and how you can too using quizzes.

The bumpy road

When I first started offering quizzes, I found someone to install a plugin for me on my website, which I thought would be great. The problems with it were pretty significant: it was a buggy plugin, the design wasn’t the best, didn’t integrate directly with my email newsletter platform (I use Convertkit).

So, basically, it was a quiz that people loved, but because it didn’t integrate directly with my email newsletter provider, I had to go into the plugin and export all of the people who took the quiz into Convertkit every morning. There wasn’t a way to sort them by their results so I could send thoughtful emails tailored to them.

It was money down the drain. I was beyond frustrated – because the quiz was getting people onto our website everyday, but the process wasn’t really helping my businesses’s bottom line. So, I was getting the results I wanted (people were taking the quiz and sharing it!) but I wasn’t able to market to them how I wanted. It was a huge win, coupled with a huge failure all rolled up into one.

The solution

I was complaining to one of my team members about the broken system when she mentioned Interact, a snazzy quiz platform. I was highly skeptical, and feeling a little jaded because of my horrible experience with the other quiz plugin I’d used, but as it turns out, they had every feature I needed.

  • Easily updated branding
  • Integrates directly with email provider
  • Includes the ability to personalize where your subscribers go, based on their results

I was excited, but not overly optimistic because I was sure they would be outside of my budget. As it turns out, they have a free plan, which I was excited to hear. I could try out their program, and if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t have sunk a bunch of money into something that didn’t work. (So, yes, I was still smarting a little over the other failed plugin, does it show?)


Now, you’ll notice that the leads in September vs October are actually very similar, and it may not seem like a big increase. We did a launch for our first quiz in September, then realized that the platform we were using wasn’t working. That big section I’ve outlined? Those subscribers were the quiz-takers who we were manually importing every day. And they just got added into a tag in Convertkit that told my team and I that they took the quiz. It didn’t tell us the most important piece, their actual results! 

When we switched to Interact in October, we were able to launch our quiz with Convertkit and it was so much better. See all the smaller, segmented pieces? Those are the quiz takers whose results got imported automatically (cue the angels singing!) into their own email sequences. (You can see a visual map of our funnel near the end of this post, if you want to!)

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The investment

One of the things I am very careful of in my business is using situations that have ongoing monthly fees. I understand why companies charge ongoing fees for an ongoing service, and respect their right to do so, but before I sign up I always ask “Even on a slow month, will this investment still be worth it?” before hitting the buy button. Here is the process I use to determine if a monthly investment is worth it or not: if I had to use a different tactic to get the same results, what would it cost me?

If I was paying for leads doing something like Facebook ads, I could be paying as much as $1 a lead (actually, it’s usually more than that, but this makes my math easy). If my old quiz (even with all of it’s problems) I was getting between 30 and 200 leads a day. Assuming my slowest days become the new normal, I would spend $900 to get that kind of traffic to my website using ads ($1 a lead x 30 leads a day x 30 days a month = $900 spent in leads).

So, the alternative for me bringing new leads in easily would cost me at least $900 a month, but even the most expensive Interact plan is $125. Yeah, kind of a no brainer, since I already knew the quiz was working to bring in leads consistently.

There’s also the added benefit of being able to personalize the emails that a new subscriber gets, so they are getting the very best from me straight away. This creates a deeper relationship, more trust, and leads to a higher conversion rate for me. I’m estimating that my conversion rate will increase from around 10% to closer to 30-50%, but we’ll see how that goes in time.

Room for growth

Interact has a free plan  (cue the angels singing) but even at their most expensive plan, the investment was a no-brainer for me. I am usually hesitant to pul the trigger on monthly subscriptions, but Interact is quickly becoming my favorite platform for creating branded interaction.

But here’s what I love about Interact: they start off with a free plan, you have room to try something new with no pressure. If it takes you a while to find how to attract your audience, you aren’t going to be throwing money down the drain each month. Interact understands that not all businesses are ready to jump in and go into a full blown paid monthly subscription, which is one of the reasons why I highly recommend you try it out. The beginning plan is free, so the worst that can happen if you try it and it takes a little while for it to really work for you.

The roadmap to email marketing revolution with quizzes

So, now that you know how we got here, here’s exactly how we started using Interact quizzes to drastically increase the number of email addresses we’re getting in a day, and how we’re marketing to them.

1. Start with a quiz

The quiz, which you can see here, is the first piece of the funnel. We share it at the bottom of multiple blog posts and in a few email sequences we send to our existing subscribers.

2. Send emails to new subscribers based on their results

This is my favorite part of the funnel! When someone finishes the quiz, we use Interact’s email segmenting to make sure that anyone who gets a particular result in the quiz, they get added to one sequence that’s personalized to them. For our primary quiz we share here, there are 8 different archetypes, but the emails a new subscriber gets will target their top result.

Inside this personalized sequence, we share a resource that’s custom-made for their top archetype, which provides massive value right off the bat. This creates a solid relationship with the new subscriber, and builds trust with them. Inside this sequence, we also invite them to join our Facebook community, which is the hub of Organize Your Biz, and where I can really interact with people.

3. Combined marketing

Once they finish the sequence that’s targeted to their archetype, all of the new subscribers start getting the same email addresses that were

For the visual people like me out there, this is what my completed quiz funnel looks like. It looks complicated, but I like to personalize everything as much as possible, which this allows me to do.

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If you like this funnel map. I use Funnelytics to create the visual layouts for all of my funnels, which helps me keep it all straight in my head as I create huge, complex monstrosities like the one above, without getting confused. or lost in the process.


Have questions about using quizzes to generate email leads? Leave a comment below and I’d love to talk about it with you!


I love using quizzes to do all of what I love in my business: to personalize the resources I can send to my audience, and, of course, to collect email addresses as they complete the quizzes we have on the website here.

I never would have discovered Interact if I hadn’t been looking to look to create more intentionally branded content for my audience, that allowed me to give them the most personalized emails, so I’m able to help them more effectively. You’ll also be able to see Interact’s quizzes in action, if you take the quiz below and see what kind of branded content creator you are. 😉

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