Did you know that 3 out of every 5 entrepreneurs without a product of their own struggle to find the right things to promote? Okay, actually that statistic is one I don’t have any hard numbers for, but I’ve had so many people ask me and bring this up in the OYB Entrepreneurs’ Facebook group, I know it’s an issue for tons of marketers.

I know how overwhelming it can be to try to balance marketing products and providing amazing value to your readers and followers! Over time as a Pinterest affiliate marketing coach and a blogger, I have developed a system for finding things to promote in any genre.

One of the things I’ve learned as I work with students during coaching sessions is that it’s very overwhelming to have to sort through and answer all of the nagging questions you have when you’re first starting to promote other people’s products. Whether you’re a blogger, Pinterest marketer, or some other kind of awesome entrepreneur, it’s a struggle to know what to promote in what areas.

  • Is this a good fit for my audience?
  • How do I know if it’s a good fit?
  • How much information should I include?
  • Will this be popular with my audience?
  • How do I know my audience will buy this, instead of just liking the idea of it?

I’m going to go over the principles that I go through. So if you haven’t already, grab a copy of the checklist Finding Content to promote below and follow along.


Know your person

In order to effectively market to a market, you have to know who you’re marketing to. This is something that can’t be stressed enough! If you aren’t your ideal audience, then pick someone you know. You may not know everything about them, but you can at least know the basics about them as it relates to your promotion. 

  • What do they want to accomplish?
  • What do they fear?
  • What things do they want to avoid?
  • Do they want to get started, or rise to the next level of achievement?

You have to know the person you’re marketing to like you know your best friend! That way if you’re unsure if a pin you’re promoting or a blog post you’re writing is going to appeal to them, you’ll be able to “filter” it through the test against your person… not just assuming they’ll love it. The internet is full of failed websites whose owners assumed that their audience would just love whatever they wrote…. then a year later they have a failed business and no clue why.

You have to know who you’re sharing a promotion for if you want to do it right and reach them accurately!

But once you know who they are, how do know what to promote, you may wonder (I know I did!!). Keep reading and I’ll tell you the rest of the process I use!

Know your topic

I do this with every new board I’m creating on Pinterest to promote affiliate links, and also use it when I’m going to do a new promotion for an affiliate program. This is a basic outline of the checklist I use, you can grab your own copy here if you want a way to do this for you too:

  1. What’s the one product everyone in this genre or group has?
  2. What’s the one thing everyone in this group needs to succeed?
  3. What does everyone in the group wish they had?
  4. What hacks and tools would make their life easier?
  5. Is there a high-end knockoff?