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Frustrated by most “side hustles” that don’t get results?

Let go of your crappy side hustles and start actually making money doing something you love – Pinterest.

Maybe you are like I was:

  • You want to make better money, but feel overwhelmed with all the options
  • You’ve tried a lot of side hustles that didn’t make enough money to make them worth the time and effort
  • You hate the idea of selling to your friends and family, and don’t want to get into the direct sales trap
  • You want to make better money, but also want to spend time with your family

Passive, growing income

Make money in a sustainable that will build an income that lasts for years.

Work on your schedule

Want to work with a glass of wine while you Netflix binge after the kids go to bed, or on the go and have 15 minutes a day and an iPhone? Do what works for you and work on your terms.

Create a paycheck that works even when you don't.

No one has the energy to work 24/7. We all need a break!  Most “side hustles” today stop making money when you stop working! This one doesn’t, but it does continue to grow the more you work it!

I’m Christina Root, I can’t wait to help you achieve the same financial success that has changed my family forever.

My husband has a job making $40k a year. We started off with $25k in debt, an expensive apartment that took up half my husband’s paycheck, and to get ahead, my husband had to work so much overtime we didn’t see him.

I had tried all kinds of “side hustles” that left a bad taste in my mouth – something like the disappointment of having wasted time and then the frustration of still being stuck financially after working so hard.

Pinning Your Way to Success was created out of frustration with side hustles that didn’t create lasting change for my family’s finances.

I spend so many wasted weeks trying out side hustles that bloggers recommended to me as “great.”

I got tired of feeling like bloggers were only recommending things to me because they were using referral links. They were capitalizing on these time-wasting side-hustles that weren’t actually helping my family get ahead with money.

When I figured out a business that didn’t take tons of writing and complicated marketing (like blogging!) and wasn’t selling to your friends and family (like direct selling!)

I knew this business was the one for me, and I realized that I needed to share it with other people like me who didn’t want to waste time with the crappy side hustle gigs anymore.

Pinning Your Way to Success is a 6-module program that will help you turn your free time into financial freedom.

In 6 modules packed with helpful videos, I will teach you how to make money on Pinterest without having to start a blog or website, and you’ll never ever make a list of your 10 friends to get them to have a party or buy your product! Promise!

Module 1| Creating a Good Foundation

  • what kind of affiliate programs earn you the most money
  • the affiliate programs I recommend
  • setting up analytics
  • creating a pinning schedule for growth & profits
  • my process for finding what affiliate content to Pin

Module 2 | Designing a Made-for-Profit Pinterest Profile

  • How to clean up Pinterest boards so they make more money
  • Creating a professional-looking Pinterest page
  • How to gain more followers

Module 3 | Creating Pins That Get Shared Again & Again

  • Creating profitable pins that convert
  • Designing custom Pins vs pinning “plain” images
  • How to manage related boards & topics

Module 4 | Ways to Go Pro: Taking Your Side Hustle Full-Time

  • Creating Viral Pins
  • When to use paid Promoted Pins to earn more
  • Managing promoted pins: the terms you need to know
  • The quick-and-easy way to set your business on auto-pilot

Module 5 | Tech Lessons

  • walk-thru’s for various affiliate programs detailing the application processes and how to create affiliate links with each platform
  • how to use the iphone app for my favorite affiliate program

Module 6 | FAQs

Common questions, fears and issues students have, addressed in video!

What do you need to do to rock Pinning Your Way to Success?


you should use and love Pinterest - doesn't everyone?


be willing to work hard to build a business


You don't have to do direct sales.


You don't have to become a blogger or have your own website

Want to join Pinning Your Way to Success?

Registration opens in January 2018! Join the VIP list here to get early bird access and the best price!

I want to enroll now
Do you guarantee the income of your students?

I get this question a lot, and the answer is no. I don't guarantee your income.

I know the method works. I have students who have also proven the method works, but I can't guarantee results for you because I don't know if you'll apply the course lessons, as they are written. I don't know if you'll be consistent, or how much time you'll put into it, or if you'll skip crucial steps in an effort to "get rich quick" and sabotage your earnings. (Yeah, I did that too, I was desperate and it sucked because it set me back a lot!)

I have too much integrity to promise you some magic number, because saying I can guarantee what you will have to apply would be dishonest and not fair to anyone.

How do I enroll in the course?

First, please start by watching the video, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Making Money on Pinterest , then you can enroll in the course here. This may seem silly to some, but the system is in place because I care about you all! 😀 

  1. I don't want a student to jump in with unrealistic expectations. If you think that you can work for 2 weeks at this and suddenly have tons of money rolling in, then you're in the wrong place. Pinterest affiliate marketing takes time to build, and I don't want students coming in with starry-eyed notions of easy money or a get-rich quick attitude.
  2. The video answers a lot of common questions and gives you a place to start, so you aren't totally clueless when you start the course. 🙂
  3. The video gives you a good idea of my teaching style - if you love it, then awesome! But if you don't love my teaching style, I would rather you learned that before you bought so you aren't purchasing something that won't be awesome for you.
I'm broke. Can I have the course for free, then pay you after I've made money?

I spend hours every day making sure my students are successful, so while I appreciate the budget limitations of some students, no, I don't give away the course for free. There are lots of studies that show that giving something away for free means the people that receive it won't use it, which would be a waste of my time, and yours.

My intention is to keep Pinning Your Way to Success open to registrants year-round, giving students who are interested time to save up so they can afford it. Sometimes enrollment will close, so I can update the course or focus on my family during times like the holidays, but I'll always do my best to let anyone who hasn't registered know so they don't miss out.

Thanks for your understanding!

What is the VIP program?

The VIP coaching program is a program I designed for students who wanted to join a community of other like-minded pinners where we could all collaborate and enjoy video chats. It gives you access to monthly video chats when you join, and gives you access to any future sessions' video chats too.

You can also do one-on-one coaching with me, if you lack confidence. I love working one-on-one with students, and if you're someone who will give you no-nonsense feedback, but also be your biggest cheerleader over every win, then individual coaching might be right for you! 😀


Please note: The VIP program has closed for 2017, you can on the VIP waiting list with the email signup below. This is completely no-obligation, you'll just be the first to know when the registration opens for next year.

I feel super overwhelmed. Where do I start?

When you login to the course, there is a lot of information there.

My advice is to start at the beginning and keep working through the lessons in order, even if you don't understand all of it at first. It's a lot of new technology that you'll be learning, so take it slow and don't rush. 😀 All good things take time and patience to learn.

How long till I start making money?

I tell my students that for accounts of 500 or more, expect to work 6-8 weeks before seeing significant results.

If you have a smaller account, that's okay! It may take you a little longer, depending on how often you're pinning, how consistently you're working and how fast you can grow your account. Don't get discouraged and slow down or quit, or you'll never have success.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, and like any legitimate business takes time and work to build. 😀

What's the one thing that makes the biggest difference in your income?

Consistency is the biggest key to making this a consistent income.

  • Pin every day, even if isn't a ton
  • Pin some affiliate Pins every day, even if it's only one or two

You never know what day you may have a Pin go viral, but if you aren't consistency it's much less likely. YOU CAN DO IT!

What are the differences in your two Pinterest courses?

The two ecourses serve two different purposes. 5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning is a quick-and-easy getting started guide for students who want to learn about Pinterest affiliate marketing, but don’t need a huge amount of direction. This course is ideal for students who:

  • Are tech savvy
  • Are already familiar with Pinterest & affiliate marketing somewhat
  • Are self-starters and just need a boost to get started
  • Just want a quick-start guide

The course, Pinning Your Way to Success is for students who need more help. This course includes 6 modules, all with video-based lessons that give you a click-by-click walk through of how to build, and grow your Pinterest affiliate marketing. It is ideal for students who:

  • Need more help with ‘techy’ things
  • Want help with both simple and advanced aspects of Pinterest affiliate marketing
  • Want to make a “significant” income, or want to grow faster than they would have on their own.
  • Want a step-by-step detailed plan of exactly what to do to build your income


Should I create a new Pinterest account for this?

I do not recommend affiliate Pinners start a new account for their business, and here's why: any-sized audience is better than no audience is better than starting from ground zero. 

Want to join Pinning Your Way to Success?

Registration opens in January 2018! Join the VIP list here to get early bird access and the best price!