You know you could make money online

but everyone tells you to have a blog

or do direct sales, right?

But you don’t want to.

You don’t want to pour hours and hours into a techy website that may or may not make money.

You don’t want to promote a product to friends & family.




Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make money from home,

and didn’t have to sell to your friends and family?

That’s exactly why I created Pinning Your Way to Success!

Pinning Your Way to Success is a comprehensive course and system to help you create an income from home without a blog or website.

Pinning Your Way to Success
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Module 1

The basics of Pinterest affiliate marketing, setting up your accounts, and then creating a professional profile that sets you up to gain followers faster.




Module 2

Creating a Pinterest business that makes you money – learn how to design your own Pins, find popular content to pin, and create a routine to maintain your business. How to find group boards and Tribes to Pin to, plus how to evaluate group boards to know if they’re worth sharing to! Also includes lesson on viral pins


Module 3

Learn how to create Pins that make you money, upload your custom pins, and know when o share custom vs plain images for your Pins.



Module 4

How to create a sustainable and profitable Pinning routine, track your affiliate Pins and find content to Pin consistently. Also, a lesson on tracking your income and expenses for tax purposes.


Module 5

– what you need to know about buying ads. Automating your Pinning with Boardbooster looping. Learning how to combine automated tools and manual Pinning for the best results. Creating all-promotional boards in a way that greatly increases your earnings, and then tips to increase your conversion rate.


An overview of affiliate programs

How to make affiliate links and Pins with Awin, ShareASale, Shopstyle Collective & Zazzle



The Mindset of a Successful Pinterest Affiliate Marketer.

Several lessons about the best ways to prevent burnout, realistic goal setting in the beginning of your business and other mindset hacks that will help you take your business to the next level.


Facebook Group for support

Get questions answered by students who are in the trenches just like you, as well as by the experienced OrganizeYour.Biz team!

The biggest thing I learned was how often to post, and what kind of content to post on Pinterest.

Charlotte Harloff

(Grew her following by 300+)

I loved how the course was broken down into bite size pieces. It made the whole thing less intimidating!

Jamie Quates

The biggest thing I learned was how to make pins and acquire affiliate sales. I like that I can go back to modules and refresh if I have a question & I love the FB support page. . . it really makes me feel connected.

Becky Jacoby

I started affiliate marketing back in 2007 with a website as my model. I worked it hard for two years at a cost of $995.00 a year. After two years, and $1,990.00 down the drain my income from the venture was $2.38. I quit. Over the next six years I tried

  1. A blog
  2. E-bay
  3. Clickbank
  4. Sales writing
  5. And drop shipping

Even though I failed so many times I just couldn’t stop trying. I’m so glad I didn’t. After finding, and starting Christina Root’s program 3 months ago I’ve earned $274.32. My income is continuing to increase as more, and more of my pins are shared. The increase in income is growing exponentially like the snowball effect. I absolutely recommend Christina’s programs to anyone. Anyone can do this, teens or people nearing retirement like myself. If you’ve tried other programs, and failed; this works. If you’re new to marking money online, you’re starting in the right place. Give this a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Renie Rutten

Why learn from Christina? Why not another blogger?

Pinterest is my jam. Sure, there are other places you can learn about affiliate marketing – this is the internet! Affiliate marketing isn’t a secret, and it isn’t something new.

While no one knows everything about any given social media platform, because it’s contantly changing and evolving, Pinterest is something I spend all my time working on, playing with, analyzing and utilizing for business and pleasure.

When Pinterest makes changes (which they’re doing constantly!) as a student you’ll get the benefit of having a mentor who is used to rolling with the punches of an ever-changing platform.

I think it’s pretty awesome that Christina opened up a Facebook group and she pops in to help with all of our questions, that has been SO helpful.

Beth Otts

Christina knows what she is talking about, this the only side hustle AND E-course I recommend. I have told literally everyone I meet/talk to/know about it because I stand behind it that much.

Bri Case of

One thing that I have been very pleasantly surprised by is just how involved Christina has been. I have bought many courses in the past where after you buy the course you’re just on your own to figure it all out. But Christina has been incredible! Through her blog, emails, free courses, student-only Pinterest group, Tailwind Tribe, and Facebook group, she is always trying to help everyone continue to learn and it’s very obvious that Christina actually cares about her students and wants everyone to succeed. I’m really excited that the “Pinning Your Way to Success” course is being offered again, and I can’t wait to learn even more. If I could go back in time I would buy the course right away – and actually follow it, join the Facebook group as soon as possible, and upgrade to the yearly Tailwind plan to get unlimited pins. I regret that I wasted so much time trying to figure it all out for myself when I didn’t need to. It definitely doesn’t have to be as slow or as difficult as I made it. Hopefully everyone can learn from my mistakes, so they can start making money right away!

Stacey Rupert

Pinning Your Way to Success
is currently closed for registration.

Add your email address below to get updates when it opens in 2019.

Who this course is for:

Pinning Your Way to Success is intended for students who are comfortable Pinning on Pinterest and love using it. One of the things my team and I have seen is that those who already love using Pinterst are the ones who are more likely to thrive.

  • You are willing to work hard short-term for a long-term gain. The most successful students we have become members knowing that any legitimate business takes time and effort to built. As the saying goes – Rome wasn’t built in a day!
  • You’re committed to your own success. Some people love the idea of change, but don’t want to do the work to get there. In order to be a successful student, you’ll need to be the kind of person who will take the time to learn and apply the lessons in Pinning Your Way to Success. If you don’t work the system, the system doesn’t work.

Who this course is not for:

  • You want instant results for minimal work – any blogger or “guru” who promises you instant results and other get-rich-quick junk is a scammer, and that’s not what we’re about here! Some students get frustrated becasue it can take 8 weeks for an ‘average’ student (if there really is such a thing!) to start to see significant progress. If you want to send out a few links and magically make money overnight – this isn’t the place for you. We teach you how to work hard, then let your income snowball over time. 
  • You don’t like being independent – one of the biggest benefits of becoming a Pinterest affiliate marketer through Pinning Your Way to Success is that we give you the tools and you get to be in charge of your own schedule. Want to work 80 hour weeks? AWESOME! Want to work on this in btween shifts at your day job? GREAT! You can do whatever you want to do with your Pinterest affiliate marketing business. Some students aren’t the “let me be in charge” type – they prefer to show up, get paid for the house they work, and then go home. While we love individuals who are more ‘steady work, steady paycheck’ type of people, you need to have .a little bit of the mover and shaker spirit to be a successful Pinpreneur here!

There are plenty of get-rich-quick business schemes out there. They promise you instant results for little work and almost all of them are a waste of your time. This program is different.

The Pinning Your Way to Success system is basically the opposite of “get rich quick.”

It takes time and hard work to build, but once you get it going, it’s a money making machine.

But once you buld your business and start to gain traction as your affiliate-linked Pins work for you, your income will start to snowball! Students are doing things like:

  • shrinking their debt snowballs
  • getting rid of medical bills
  • paying for their groceries
  • catching up on past bills
  • … and more!

I’ve walked thousands of women through the basics of Pinterest affiliate marketing and taught them to make legitimate money online, Pinning Your Way to Success is the next step for anyone who wants this business to be a serious business, with a significant income. This system is the real deal.

You may have questions, I’ve got answers!

I've tried sharing affiliate links other ways before, why is this different?
Sharing affiliate links on Pinterest is evergreen. People are there to find new products they love. Unlike on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where people want community and connection, Pinterest users are more likely to find product recommendations and spend money based on their findings they see on the Pinterest website.
Do you have to have a blog or website to do this?
NO! My entire course is geared toward you making money as an entrepreneur without a blog or website. 
Can I do this without selling? I hate selling and marketing!
Absolutely! This is a business you could do and your friends and family might not ever notice, unless you tell them. Strategic Pinterest affiliate marketing is something that that should be subtle and discreet, the affiliate Pins you’ll create will look just like any other Pin!
I need money now! How do I start earning the most money right away?
love Pinterest affiliate marketing, but this business takes time to build! A student with 500 followers might see a return in something like 6-8 weeks. If you’re in a desperate situation, I do not recommend this course for you as a substitute for a job which can provide an immediate cash infusion.
How do I get my partner on board with joining the course?
In my experience, skeptical partners want a few things, depending on their personality and your circumstances.

  • Make a set-in-stone commitment to follow through. If you’ve  invested in other courses and not applied all of the material in them, they may see this as a waste of money. Make a definite commitment to apply the course.
  • You can also create a schedule you’ll follow for your work days and show them your plan!
Should I use debt to get the course?
That is a completley personal choice.
How and when are the lessons delivered?
Lessons are unlocked on a schedule, with no execeptions. This helps all students have time to learn and apply each module before moving on, and we have found this helps students learn the most during their first time through the course.
When and how will the bonuses be delivered?
The bonuses will be delivered 15 days after you register, once the refund period is over.
I canot afford this right now, when will it be available again?
I have no set dates for when the course will be reopening in 2018. It is possible that it will be 2019 before it opens again, I’m just not sure.
What is your refund policy?
If within 14 days of registering for the course you feel it isn’t for you, then email me at and I’ll give you a refund, no questions asked!

Pinning Your Way to Success
is currently closed for registration.

Add your email address below to get updates when it opens in 2019.