Free ecourses

Pinterest 101

If you struggle with the basics of Pinterest and want a free guide to every aspect of using Pinterest, this course is for you!

Tailwind Mastery

If you want to have any kind of business that is marketed on Pinterest, a Pinterest scheduler will allow you to post consistently without working everyday – a necessity for the long-term maintenance of your business.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 101

If you want to know if Pinterest affiliate marketing is right for you, then this is the course for you! Click the picture above to be taken the the registration page. 

Pinterest Strategy Playbook

Get my PDF ebook with my favorite Pinterest strategies and tips in one beautiful document, with printable pages for easy reference!

Pinterest Marketing Database

If you love using Pinterest, but feel frustrated because you can’t seem to find active group boards with responsive owners?

My team and I have compiled a list of 400+ group boards and 100+ Tailwind Tribes, organized into a Google Sheets document, so you can see the updates as more group boards are added!

Want to become a Pinterest affiliate marketer?

Step 0: Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest affiliate marketing is the business that’s changing the lives of students everyday. If you’ve had other side hustles that you hated, like:

  • direct sales
  • multi-level marketing
  • blogging
  • swagbucks
  • … or any other crappy side hustle that barely makes anything for tons of work…

Then Pinterest affiliate marketing may be for you! Find out more in this free ecourse!

Step 1: Getting Started Bundle

After you’ve completed Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 101 and you have an overview of how Pinterest affiliate marketing works, 5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning and Rocking Your First Month shows you how to begin applying to programs, sharing links, and then make a profit from it.

This bundle was created to help you:

  • setup your business in 5 days or less 
  • train you with all the skills you need to start making money in less than a month

Step 2: Pinning Your Way to Success

Get ready for all the advanced strategies and concepts of Pinterest affiliate marketing in this comprehensive course with 8 modules of lessons on topics including automation, diversifying with multiple affiliate programs, and other techniques to increase your profits and the security of your business at the same time.


Step 3: Up your game with these resources

Creating Pins that Convert

If you have worked as a Pinterest affiliate marketer and you’re getting clicks, but no sales, or if you’re a blogger who can get traffic but no email signups, Creating Pins that Convert is the course for you.

3 lessons on Pin design and all the videos from our live sessions when we held the challenge live in our Facebook group are included in the course.

DIY Pinterest Profile Assessment

Many students wish they had a guide, someone to look over their Pinterest profile to make sure they are doing the right things.

The DIY Pinterest Profile Assessment kit includes the checklist our team uses for Pinterest profile assessments, with sample audio assessments to serve as examples for your own DIY profile assessment.