loooove Pinterest. Before I used it for business, I used it to save everything:  meal plans, ways to save money, techniques and encouragement for getting our finances together so we could get out of debt… you name it, it was on my Pinterest account.

When I launched OrganizeYour.Biz I knew that most bloggers these days are getting their traffic from Pinterest, so I had to master this for things other than dream home ideas and ways I could organize my small bathroom or make my next move the most organized yet. I had to figure out how to use it strategically.

I stalked the bloggers I knew who were successful and found out that a lot of them were using Tailwind, so as soon as I had the money I took the first month out of our grocery money (yeah, we were that broke) and then use my next month’s commissions on an annual membership.

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Has Tailwind made a real difference?


I’m going to share something super-personal with you. Maybe too personal, but I’m pretty “share whatcha got” all the time, so this is just how I roll here at OYB.

When I launched OYB, we weren’t broke. We were one bad day away from eating Alpo. (And no, I’ve never fed my family dog food, just FYI.) I used Tailwind to do my first challenge for Pinterest affiliate marketing, the results of which I shared in this blog post. Long story short, I ended up going from making like $20 a mont (basically nothing) to over $600 a month, and I’m now earning into the high 4-figures every month, just from posting affiliate links on Pinterest, using Tailwind to help get my links shared on a schedule, and to use Tribes to help them get more exposure.

Since then I’ve used it daily, either because it publishes things automatically, or because I’m adding more Pins to my queue to be published in the future. It’s been a huge asset to me, and I recommend it to all of my students who make money online with Pinterest as affiliate marketers.

But then, one thing I noticed is that some people who aren’t super tech savvy had a hard time figuring out some of the ins-and-outs of the program, so I created this to be an asset so people would be able to change their lives with Tailwind, like I have. Tailwind Tribes is responsible for my first viral affiliate Pin, and was part of the reason this blog post, one of the first ever published on this blog, went viral so quickly. Ultimately, I want success for all entrepreneurs, so grab the course for free below!

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