Every year, towards the end of the year I pick a new focus word or phrase. My words in the past have been things like Success, my phrases have been Progress, Not Perfection. It helps me focus my goals under one heading.

Focus for this year

This year, I wanted to focus on changing lives, but also changing the lives of others. This is something we do every day here at Organize Your Biz, just by empowering women to own their own sustainable businesses. But after discussion with my husband, we also decided to apply this to what we do here in our business – we want to empower you to help others.

The first thing that starts with is the Changing Lives Challenge, where we’ll spend 5 days focusing on how Pinterest affiliate marketing can help you support the causes that are near and dear to your heart. I’ll be launching a coaching program for students who want more one-on-one attention and I will be launching even more resources, both additions to my current courses to make them better, and other courses in other areas to empower students further.

Change Your Life

My personal goal this year is to change my life. I have spent many years letting old “truths” about myself rule me. Things like,

  • “Well, this is just how I am.” instead of making healthier and wiser choices
  • “They’ll never change, so why try to put boundaries in place?” instead of having the self-respect to put boundaries in place in my life with people
  • … and the list goes on.

I want to take this year to be a better version of myself. I spent last month doing a 30-day kettlebell challenge, which kickstarted the process of becoming healthier. I started investing, as a safeguard for my future, regardless of the old worn-out stories and excuses that used to play in my head, like if you do that you’ll need it for something else, or why bother investing money? You’ll just spend it later anyway. 

I want this year to be a year of completely changing the patterns of my life, so I can model for my kids what it means to be healthy, what it looks like to be secure financially and to make wise decisions, and what it means to have people that you can help make their lives better. (That’s you!)

For me personally, these are the causes I’m focusing on in the next year:

  • Empowering women to have sustainable businesses that don’t require them to demean themselves by selling products to their friends and family
  • Motivating them to make healthier choices for their bodies, so they can be around long-term for their families and not be the sad blob on the couch who wishes they had energy to be the fun mom they want to be. (Speaking to myself here!) – see the Pinterest board here.
  • Motivating woman and giving them the tools to make an income from home so they can start getting out of debt and managing their money wisely… so no one is stuck in the cycle of praying for some financial savior to swoop in and rescue them. I want women to have the power to provide for themselves! (Obviously, we do this here every day, but watch your inbox for something special in the coming months if you’re struggling to manage your money!)

I’m deciding now, this coming 12 months is going to be amazing!

What’s your focus?

One of the things we’ll be doing during the Changing Lives Challenge is we’ll be picking one cause you’re passionate about, and learning how you can promote it with Pinterest affiliate marketing. This does 2 things. First, it allows you to help others with whatever it is you care about. Secondly, it helps you make a profit, so you are better equipped to support your cause, because with financial freedom you can support whoever, and whatever you like, with less strain on your budget.

I am excited as we move forward this year with the goal of Changing Lives – I would love to hear what your focus will be ni the next year. How will you be making lives better? What causes will you support?


If you haven't joined the challenge yet, do it here!

The Changing Lives Challenge is a 5-day challenge which will help you learn how to promote your favorite causes on social media and make a profit, so you can do what you’re passionate about and be able to make it sustainable by brining in a stable income.