If you’re just seeing this blog post – we’re taking the first two weeks of the year to share student stories, because we know that for many of them,this year is the year where they’ll see the biggest income from home they’ve ever seen, and we wanted to inspire others, whether you’re a solopreneur just getting your business off the ground or whether you’re a member in one of our courses already… my team and I here at OrganizeYour.Biz want to make this year one where we can spur you on to success, whatever you’re doing!

One of the most beautuful things about being able to create a community online is the ability to hold each other up when we get down and discouraged, encourage each other when we have wins, and help each other when we feel stuck. Usually, we do that primarily in the Facebook group, but here on the blog it’s easier to share stories more fully.

Stacey is a student who I’m very proud of. While her story is encouraging, her level of success is very achievable for other students, especially for those students who started off with almost no followers. It can be easy for course creators like me to share the “I can’t believe they even did that” results and glaze over the ‘average’ students, which I feel is very dishonest. Here at OrganizeYour.Biz, we’re committed to not using the same dishonest methods some side hustle bloggers use. So while some of the success stories we’ll be sharing are a little more dramatic, we also wanted to take the time to celebrate students whose success is closer to what may be considered ‘average’ even though that can be hard to quantify with Pinterest affiliate marketing since every account and user is different.

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I hope you enjoy Stacey’s story!


 Hi, I’m stacey!

Hi, I’m Stacey. I am a wife and stay at home mom of two in Minnesota. Both of my kids are in school now, and it’s hard to find a traditional job after so many years of staying home with them. So, I’ve been looking for a way to make money while they’re at school.

How many Pinterest followers did you have when you started the course?

I had tried affiliate marketing before, but I had never considered using Pinterest for it. I had a Pinterest account, but I didn’t use it very much, and when I did I usually pinned everything to secret boards. So, when I started I had a whopping 2 followers.

How much money were you making from home before you started Pinning Your Way to Success?

I’ve spent years looking for ways to work from home. I’ve tried just about everything – surveys, mystery shopping, various types of affiliate marketing, selling on Ebay, even home craft assembly – yep, if you’ve seen an ad for some type of work from home opportunity, I’ve probably tried it. The only thing I’ve had any real success in has been selling on Amazon, but it can be very time-consuming, and with Amazon’s continuous increase in fees, it has become much less profitable than it used to be.

What were your goals before you started 5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning?

I really just wanted to help contribute to my family while my kids were at school so that I didn’t have to take time away from them.

What were some of your biggest fears and doubts? What kept you going through those?

When I came across Christina and her courses for Pinterest affiliate marketing, I was intrigued but skeptical. I didn’t want to waste time or money on yet another course that would go nowhere. From the beginning I could see the potential, and I could see that this was very different from anything else I had tried before, but I was still hesitant. So, when I started Pinterest affiliate marketing I ended up doing absolutely everything wrong.

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Tell us about how you got started! 

At the end of May, I saw one of Christina’s live sessions and decided I understood enough that I didn’t need to buy her course. So, I didn’t. Over the summer I made exactly $5.70. That was when I decided maybe a little help wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I started the course “5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning” at the end of August. Over the next two months I made another $14.35. Things were picking up, but I wasn’t following the course that closely. I hadn’t really changed the way I was making pins, or the descriptions I was using. I hadn’t joined the Facebook group, and I wasn’t utilizing Pinterest Groups or Tailwind Tribes very much. But most importantly, I wasn’t pinning consistently. I would go through spurts of making a ton of affiliate pins and get a few days worth of pins in my Tailwind queue and then I would forget about it for awhile. Several days would go by without me pinning anything at all.

When did you really start to see results?

This past month, November, is when I finally began to see results. I decided it was time to get serious, to go back and read through the course again and actually follow it. This was also around the same time that Christina had a free course “Creating Pins that Convert” on the Facebook group for students. Both of those courses have been incredibly helpful. I changed the way I made pins, I changed the way I wrote descriptions, and I started to pin consistently and it all began paying off right away. So far this month I have made over $60. Yesterday I ended up making over $12. I made more in one day than what I had made in over four months when I was trying to figure it all out by myself!

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What are you looking forward to most as your Pinterest business grows?

What is really exciting is that the momentum is building. I know Christina says not to check your analytics too often, but the last few weeks I just haven’t been able to stop myself. It’s just too much fun to watch my earnings jump every time I check. I can’t wait to see how much I make next month, and the month after that. I absolutely believe that with time and effort, and following Christina’s instructions, this will become a full-time income.

Anything you want to add for other potential students out there? 

One thing that I have been very pleasantly surprised by is just how involved Christina has been. I have bought many courses in the past where after you buy the course you’re just on your own to figure it all out. But Christina has been incredible! Through her blog, emails, free courses, student-only Pinterest group, Tailwind Tribe, and Facebook group, she is always trying to help everyone continue to learn and it’s very obvious that Christina actually cares about her students and wants everyone to succeed.