Lisa is one of my students of 5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning students, where I teach people how to make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog.

She started off with no Pinterst followers because she created a new account, so the fact that she’s grown by hundreds of followers is pretty awesome!

Tell us about yourself Lisa!

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 21 years. We have 2 children. I have a full time job outside the house as an office manager for an insurance agency in addition to Pinterest affiliate marketing.

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How much money were you making from home before you started?

I found Christina’s course while researching starting a blog to make additional money. I was about to finally pull the trigger on buying a domain when I found it. It seemed like less of an investment and less risky than the blog so I bought her course instead. This is my first adventure in a “side hustle”.

What were your goals before you started the course?

Initially to just make some extra money every month. My oldest is a senior in high school and we are staring down college tuition costs. I was afraid to set my goal too high so I kept saying if I just make an extra hundred a month that would be something. I could take that and make a little bit of difference in the budget and in a year hoped that the little difference would snowball. Now I see the potential of making much more than I allowed my heart to hope for.

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What were some of your biggest fears and doubts? What kept you going through those? 

Probably the same as everyone. Will this actually work? Will I waste money on the course and fail? I was just a casual Pinterest user so I wasn’t sure I had enough Pinterest saavy to make it work.

Tell us about how you got started! 

I tend to be a compulsive researcher so initially, that’s what I did. I spent the first week just doing the course and dabbling in Pinterest to make sure I understood. I work full time so I really only had blocks of time on the weekend. During the week I would work on it on my lunch hour or a little in the evening. Then Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston. We were thankfully spared water in our house but we were essentially stuck home for an extended weekend. So I got some bonus time, in the beginning, to really get some traction. It was a welcome distraction from the sound of the never-ending rain.

When did you really start to see results?

I started a new Pinterest account on 8/16. I made a whole $1.50 by the end of August. I hit $100 right under the wire on 9/26 to receive my first payout. Around that time I was averaging about $5 a day. At that point, I had one affiliate pin that I thought was viral because it had been shared 1000 times. In mid-October one of my affiliate pins went really viral. As of today, it has been repinned 22,000 times. I have one other that is over 10,000 and several more than 1,000. I have grown from 0 followers to 265 followers. Within the last week, I have been consistently making an average of $20-25 a day with a few days greater than $30. After 2.5 months of affiliate marketing, my 2nd payout will be $520!!!

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What are you looking forward to most as your Pinterest business grows?

I really am excited to watch it grow. I am beyond amazed at where my business stands today in what I feel has been a short time. I can’t wait to see the potential realized. My next step is to look at diversifying my income so I’m looking forward to the updates you are making to the course. 🙂

Anything you want to add for other potential students out there? 

Just keep pinning and follow the advice in the course. It does work. I didn’t do anything more than what was outlined in the course.

Christina here again! I’m so proud of her, she’s been doing so well and growing by a lot. It’s easy to get discouraged and frustrated when you’re starting from scratch.

If you want more information about Pinterest affiliate marketing, the best place to get started is with my free course, Pinterest 101. It’s a great way to get some basic information! You can also join the Facebook group to ask questions from students who are actually do this and making money at it, just like Lisa!