Dana is a full-time working woman, wife, mom of a 4-year-old, and has a baby on the way! I have a bit of a soft spot for students with new babies on the way, or little ones who have already arrived.

When I first started really taking Pinterest affiliate marketing  seriously, Logan was very little, and it was having him that motivtaed me to not give up. It was something that kept me pinning every time I stopped to nurse him, or when he was inexplicably up in the middle of the night.

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How many Pinterest followers did you have when you started Pinning Your Way to Success?


Note: Dana has grown her following to over 400 followers at the time of this post being published! 

How much money were you making from home before you started Pinning Your Way to Success?

None (or you could even say NEGATIVE because I was spending more on a direct sales business than I was earning!)

What were your goals before you started the course?

My goals were to:

1. Supplement my current income.

2. Have a stream of “passive” income ready for upcoming (unpaid) maternity leave.

3. Learn something new and find a way to have fun while working!

What were some of your biggest fears and doubts? What kept you going through those?

My biggest fear was that I’d spend all this money on a course, not earn anything at all, and then be worse off than I was before I started! I’m still in the negative from a direct sales business, just because “sales” (pestering friends and family to buy your stuff — even if it’s quality stuff) is NOT enjoyable for me!

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What was very motivating for me was that Christina kept reiterating that this is not a “GET RICH QUICK” business. This is the hare, not a tortoise and this is cross country, not a sprint. My personality is such that I don’t mind new opportunities being hard and time-consuming in the beginning, as long as there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and as long as I can see progress occurring.

Tell us about how you got started! 

I watched the entire course in under a week. I began making affiliate pins 3 days after I purchased the course. I would say that I have above average computer/social media/design skills already so I wasn’t worried about the technical aspect of getting this done. I was nervous mainly about the initial investment and wanted to get started earning my money back ASAP.

I did put probably 15 hours into it that first week between watching the course, making pins, trying out Canva for the first time, etc. My first couple of weeks were the biggest time commitment. But I was also planning ahead, as I knew I’d be taking a 5-day vacation and had 4th of July coming up, so I wanted to get work done in advance.

When did you really start to see results?

At one month into affiliate pinning, I made over $1 in one day and that was a big milestone for me! That got me motivated! At 12 weeks I hit $5 in one day and that was super exciting!! Beyond just seeing the daily income increase, I also saw an increase in Pinterest followers. When I had more followers than the number I was following, that was a great feeling. I’ve seen my followers go up by about 1 person per day.

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What are you looking forward to most as your Pinterest business grows?

My biggest wish is that I will someday make as much on Pinterest as I do at my day job. If this sort of work could lead to “early retirement” 😉 from traditional employment, I’d be thrilled!! But it’s important to have short-term things to look forward to too. So in the immediate future, I’m excited about reaching my break-even point, where I will have earned back what I paid for the course + a year of Tailwind. That should be happening next month! I will also be excited to hit 500 and 1,000 followers on Pinterest (wouldn’t having 1,000 followers on anything be really cool!?). I also think it’s super fun that Christina has built this community of fellow pinners; we can support each other and cheer each other on!

Anything you want to add for other potential students out there? 

Although I have started to see steady daily income, which will translate into monthly income, I know there are A LOT of things I could be doing better. I’d like to get into a better rhythm of pinning, with more affiliate AND non-affiliate pins each day. I currently post 5 affiliate pins and 15-20 non-affiliate pins daily. I also haven’t signed up for Board Booster yet, nor do I really understand how Tribes or group boards work.

And, I’m ONLY using ShopStyle, so I’d like to get several different affiliate programs going, rather than just the one. I still have much to learn, but this is proof that if you just START you will see progress. You don’t need to be perfect and know EVERYTHING to take the first step :).

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