What does success in your business look like to you? How about financial security – what does that look like to you? I used to think that us entrepreneurs were all cut from the same cloth. Many of my business friends were the same type as me –  the ‘jump first, think later’ brand of entrepreneur. We were the ones who left stable jobs and careers to pursue our dreams, sometimes with friends and family looking over our shoulder, asking us if we were nuts. But not everyone is a gung-ho, jump in feet first person, and I’ve seen personally that they make wonderful entrepreneurs too! I really don’t believe that there is one, magical way to make business work, unless that “magical” solution is a personalized approach based on how people are already wired. So, I wanted to talk about some of the things I’ve learned as I’ve coached people through building their business in a way that’s custom-designed for how they are wired, using a personality assessment I give here.

Comparing two types

One of the things Ian and I had to do in order to get on the same page was to learn how each of our personalities functioned in relation to money, since how you do money is how you do everything. It affects your relationships, and it really affects your business! I’ll give you two examples: my top archetype is a Maverick, and my husband (who has his own business) is an Accumulator. Our archetypes could not be more different!

  • Mavericks are shoot from the hip-types who are often comfortable with extreme levels of risk. We’re the gamblers, but we also have an innate ability to create massive increases in income because of our willingness to risk lots. Being not-to risk averse, things like having savings doesn’t really make a big difference to us, because we love living on the edge. I am naturally very creative, which isn’t a Maverick thing necessarily, that’s just how my brain works.
  • Accumulators are savings-oriented and draw their security from their bank account balance. When you think of someone who is frugal to the extreme and hates spending money – usually they’re an Accumulator. Accumulators often don’t spend money on things other people would think of as normal…if they can save money by doing it themselves, they most likely will! Ian is naturally a more tactile and mechanical person, the exact opposite of me!

So, because the things we value are different, it means our goals are often very different. I value excitement and big income jumps – my husband values stability and predictability. I love living in the moment and rarely save money or plan too far head in my business, my husband is always trying to save as much as possible, and plans years in advance. So, in the rest of this post I want to show you some real-world examples of how we’ve used our archetypes to plan our businesses, based on what we value!

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How you do money is how you do everything... so let me show you how to use your unique archetype to enhance your strengths to create a stronger, healthier relationship with money, your relationships, and your business. 

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How to set goals for your unique personality

Knowing my archetype, and also my husband’s archetype, made a huge change in how we made goals for our businesses, because it allowed us to live in our strengths. I’ll approach this both from the standpoint as a couple, and from the perspective of two people, funning two very different businesses.

1. Focus on your strengths first

As a Maverick, I’m basically a rockstar at creating new things with total disregard for everything else. This means when I can focus on one project and bring it to completion, it’s an amazing product, because I have a lot of creative energy I can pour into a project, without the reservation of someone who is thinking about their long-term plan. A Maverick’s ability to shut everything else out and work just on the here and now is an amazing gift. My husband’s inner Accumulator is always thinking about the long term. While I struggle to make long-term plans for my business, my husband has a several year plan for what he does. He is not someone who likes change he isn’t prepared for, so he does a lot of pre-planning and methodical work. That’s his gift, and where he thrives! It allows him to know exactly what step he needs to take next, and to always have confidence in what he’s doing to build his business. Whatever your archetype’s strengths are, focus on those, and find a way to make those the focal point of your time. This is basically applying the 80/20 rule to your personality. The 80/20 principle says, 80% of the work comes from 20% of the work you do, so by focusing on the 20% of your work in the areas of your business where you are most effective, you can bring back massive results. Your goals then need to reflect what your strengths are. Because my husband’s business model is a more slow-and-steady type of income, he doesn’t plan for huge spikes in income. He is very careful about his business expenditures and measures each investment into his business carefully, so make sure he is within his budget. My business is based on my creative efforts, so outside of making sure the bills get paid, I expect that the majority of my income will come from spikes when I come up with new streams of income. When I have those jumps in income, I pay my bills forward, invest in resources, and then start the cycle again. That works for me!

2. Mitigate your weaknesses

With amazing strengths also come weaknesses. While each archetype is uniquely designed to handle money in it’s own powerful way, they are also tempered by areas where you have to work a little harder. Talking about letting Ian handle our savings is a perfect example of how we’ve done that easily. But what about business? I’ll show you some real-world examples of what it looks like to mitigate weaknesses for your archetype. For my archetype – my greatest strength can also be a weakness. While I am able to pour myself into projects, once they’re finished, I’m usually pretty burned out and ready to quit. This used to be a serious problem for my business, because I was constantly creating new products, but wasn’t getting consistent sales because I was too burned out to market them. When I learned about my archetype, I realized in order to create my ideal business, I needed to use my strengths to mitigate my weaknesses. Really, it was the only way I could make a sustainable business long term, and that’s been true for the clients I’ve coached through my Your Money, Your Way program. I could create sustainable income, without having to be consistent, all the time… which is good, because that’s not my strength at all! I focused on creating systems I could setup once that would run themselves with minimal upkeep from me. That allowed me to make the best of my strengths, while not allowing my weaknesses to get in the way. One of the things my husband did in order to make his business the best for him, was to automate some of his expenses. He naturally doesn’t spend money easily, but often times he benefits from having the freedom to buy nicer equipment. When he automated his tool budget to automatically be taken out each week, he “saved up” for tools and such he wouldn’t normally buy, except that it was earmarked for that purpose, so it gave him the emotional permission he needed in order to spend money in a way that made his job a lot easier and more efficient. Really, in order to know how best to mitigate your weaknesses, you have to know which archetype you are. What is a struggle for me may be something that’s easy for you! Saving money is easy for people like my husband, but for me it’s really hard, and really feels like pulling teeth!

3. Evaluate everything through the lens of your archetype

Once you know where your biggest strengths are, applying them is like anything else: you’ve actually got to be consistent in how you apply it, or it won’t make one bit of difference.

  • If you want to start a new business
  • When you want to create a new product or stream or income
  • Making financial decisions
  • Making business goals!

I am so excited to share the assessment with you, because it’s the first step towards really understanding who your are, and how you’re wired! I would love to hear what archetype you are, and how knowing your archetype’s strengths and weaknesses changes how you  make goals in your business.

Take the FREE archetype assessment

How you do money is how you do everything... so let me show you how to use your unique archetype to enhance your strengths to create a stronger, healthier relationship with money, your relationships, and your business. 

Take the quiz and find out which type you are, and get started with your journey to find how you can make the most of who you naturally are to win in key areas of your life!