How a busy mom used Pinterest affiliate marketing to create an income for her family from home When Bri first joined Pinning Your Way to Success, I was really excited. She had a super-small baby, which made me think of when Logan was little and I started doing Pinterest as my business. It made my “why” so much more intense, looking down at my tiny baby and knowing that every time I decided to stop and make a few affiliate Pins, I was making my future, and his, a little better. But… this isn’t about me.

How a busy mom used Pinterest affiliate marketing to create an income for her family from home

I’m here today to celebrate Bri and just how amazing she is.. she’s been rocking some Pinterest affiliate marketing, and I love to showing off my students who are really hitting it and getting it. So here’s a little bit about her before we jump into the interview!

Bri says about herself, “To put things simply. I am a wife, mother, step mother residing in the great state of Arkansas. I am truly just another aspiring stay at home mom. Looking for any way to make life better for my family without pulling my hair out in the process.”

I love that so much, because it’s easy to feel like people who are succeeding in business are some gurus or people with unlimited time or resources… people who are inherently different from us. Somehow their circumstances must be more favorable or better, or we would be succeeding, right? Well, Bri is (like me) just a normal mom, doing her thing. 

I asked her some of the questions I get from students a lot, asking about how many followers they need, and about their Pinning habits. 🙂 Enjoy!


How many Pinterest followers did you have when you started the course?

I started with around 168…then I remember losing about 4…… I was quite discouraged at that point. But as of today I have 224.


How much money were you making from home before you started Pinning Your Way to Success?

I had just started using all those fancy survey sites that I knew I was going to get rich off of… I think I have like 320 swag bucks, and 4 dollars in my Vindale research account. That was after doing about 30 surveys and attempting soooo many more that i did not qualify for.


What were your goals before you started the course?

I really just wanted to help bring a little extra income into my household without having to go back to work. That was a big goal of mine… But I also wanted to start something and actually see it through.

I am the queen of starting things and not finishing them, or starting something and getting really good at it and moving on because I am either bored of it or would rather stare at my baby boy for 8 hours straight while my husband works is rear off. 😉

This was the perfect fit for me because of how little time it takes me during the day to do. I can sit down schedule some pins and make some affiliate pins in an hour or less and then be done with it. I was spending 5 times the amount of time doing that trying to qualify for a dang survery.


What were some of your biggest fears and doubts? What kept you going through those?

I wouldn’t say I had any fears. But obviously I had doubts… I hate investing any of my time into something that is not a guarantee. But I am so glad I did, because this was something that TRULY worked for me, and I think it can work for anyone who can decently navigate their way around a computer


Tell me about how you got started

My son was 3 months old when I started (I also exclusively breastfeed him), and I have a 4 year old step daughter who we have joint custody of. Its the summer months for her, so she isn’t in school right now.

So I am a first time mom to a baby and was taking care of my step daughter every other week as well. Needless to say I am a bit stressed out. But I was still looking for a way to bring in some sort of income.

In the beginning I would say I was putting in about an hour and a half a day, when I was learning how to create my own pins. Once I got that figured out I was only spending time making the affiliate pins and then pinning. Then I started to fill up my Tailwind queue/using the loop feature on Boardbooster and that cut off a bunch of time too (and increased my traffic)


When did you really start to see results?

I started the last week of May, and by June 13 I was emailing Christina telling her about my affiliate pins getting repinned. And I had made 70 cents..

By July 3 I had got my first pin to have 100 repins, and I had made 25 dollars. Then by July 7 I had my first pin go viral. My total profits as of today are are around 150.


What are you looking forward to most as your Pinterest business grows?

I really want to take advantage of the knowledge I have gained from growing my Pinterest account and apply it to other business forms. Maybe a blog someday or an Etsy shop. As for my Pinterest marketing business I just hope to continue to make profits to help out my family with bills/home renovation.


Anything you want to add for other potential students out there? 

I really want to stress to ALL OF YOU how important consistency is. After my pin went viral and i saw how much success I had received, I slacked off the next week. My tailwind queue went empty and I couldn’t keep up with manually pinning and it showed. My page views went down, and my clicks and earnings went with it.

The increase around the 7-8 was my pin going viral, then you can see the dip… Then you can see the decrease in my page views when my constituency went down. And then the increase when I started pinning again.

You can see my increase here when the pin went viral, and what happened after my consistency dropped off.

One quick thing: if you want to follow Briana and see how she’s doing on Pinterest, I’m sure she would totally love that! 🙂

When I first met Briana, she was a super-new mom. When we first talked, I remember telling my husband Ian that we were going to see great things out of her.. and here we are. 😀

I knew I had to make her story into a case study when she did exactly what Pinning Your Way to Success teaches you – she figured out what her audience loved and she made it go viral. In fact, in it’s first month the Pin had over 2,000 shares and that number is still growing, making Briana money hands-free. You can see her viral Pin here and if you wanted  to see her Pinterest profile to see what else she’s up to, you can find that here.

If her story inspired you and you would also like to join my Pinterest ecourse that teaches others how to make money on Pinterest, please use the button below! A percentage goes to Briana to help support her family, as a thank you for sharing her time and story here.

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