I have made a living using Pinterest, which has enabled my family to completely change our lives in many ways. I often get asked which tools I use and why, because it can be super-overwhelming to get the


Coschedule is hands-down my favorite resource for Pinterest that I use for by blog. I do use it for Pinterest affiliate marketing too, but not nearly as often.

My favorite feature for Coschedule is Requeue, it allows me to re-share my Pins (both blog pins and affiliate pins) to group boards. The thing I love about it is that you can limit the number of times each “group” in requeue will post per week, so I’m not flooding the feeds in any boards. I love being able to automatically share my Pins, but not at the risk of being obnoxious to board owners.

You can see in the image below that my Coschedule widget looks like – they have a WordPress plugin you can use to manage unlimited blogs, which is great since I do have more than one website.

Bottom line: if you’re a blogger and you alrady have group boards to Pin to, Coschedule is the way to go because the automation piece of it is great. If you don’t use group boards much, they may not be the best option for you though.


Tailwind is one of the best Pinterest schedulers out there. Seriously, I love them. Their Tribes are one of the biggest things I attribute my success with OrganizeYour.Biz and Pinterest affiliate marketing. Using Tailwind Tribes I was able to add some of my best Pins to Tribes where other bloggers and entrepreneurs who are using Pinterest could share it, which helped a lot of my Pins go viral. Viral pins = money, so needless to say, I like them.

Some of my favorite things about Tailwind are:

  • they don’t have a timed trial, they have a 100 Pin trial, which I love because if you get caught up in life and can’t use your free trial, you aren’t out of luck.
  • you can schedule as many pins as you like at a time (if you have the annual plan, there’s a limit on the monthly plan)
  • you can Pin to multiple boards from it easily!
  • Their analytics are better than Pinterest’s analytics. Yeah, seriously.

I love them so much and wanted all of my students to use them, so I ended up creating a totally free course for Tailwind called Tailwind Mastery. It’s helped a lot of people understand the inner workings of Tailwind and how to use them. They’re fantastic.

Free ecourse for understanding Tailwind

Free ecourse on how to make use Tailwind!

Tailwind is one of the best Pinterest schedulers around. I highly recommend it for:

  • Bloggers
  • Pinterest affiliate
  • Etsy Store owners

… and basically anyone else who needs to use Pinterest for business.


Boardbooster is a tool I do use a lot, but don’t have to login a lot to use. They have a feature called Campaigns that works similarly to Tailwind’s queue, but I didn’t love that feature. The feature I use and love is called Looping, which I use to Repin things from the “bottom” of my boards.

When you’ve been pinning for a while, you get a lot of Pins that get buried, using looping fixes that!

To see how I setup looping for my boards, and all the settings I use, watch the video below!

If you’re looking to invest in a scheduler, I have a reference sheet with the key features that you can get and use to make the best decision possible for what would work best for your business! Just put your email in below and I’ll send you a copy!