Hey there – Christina here!

I could not be more thrilled to introduct Becky, a personal friend of mine and one of my Pinterest affiliate marketing students for my course Pinning Your Way to Success.

Becky is an extraordinary woman who is passionate and fiery and loves her independence, which makes her the perfect student! Ultimately, I want all of my Pinterest students to be independent financially, but I am especially partial to my students who are creating multiple businesses to build a consistent, dependable income.

You can find Becky here on Pinterest, or you can check out her amazing leatherworks here on Instagram!

Hey, I’m Becky!

I am 26, still living at home, and working a 30hr/week job, and do leatherwork on the side. It has always been a goal of mine to be entirely on my own, so I took a risk, and jumped into this course!

You can see her profile by clicking on the picture below!

How many Pinterest followers did you have when you started the course?

250-ish, from back when you could link your Facebook account to it.

How much money were you making from home before you started Pinning Your Way to Success?

Very little. I tried my leather full time for almost 2 years. I’d be lucky to make $200 a month.

What were your goals before you started the course?

My goal was to make it work, and get results, no matter what. I bought a brand new computer just for this business, and coincidentally had a week off from work to focus all my energy on startup.

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What were some of your biggest fears and doubts? What kept you going through those?

Honestly, my biggest fear was losing the money I spent paying for the course. I technically couldn’t afford it when I bought it, so that was a driving force to work as hard as I could, so that money wasn’t in vain. When I started seeing results, my fears began to diminish.

Tell us about how you got started! 

Getting started was extremely overwhelming. New websites, new terms I wasn’t familiar with, and feeling like there was a billion things I had to do all at once. Being off work that week (my boss took a vacation) really helped me put 100% energy into sorting out what I needed to do.

When did you really start to see results?

Christina emphasizes that this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. And it is definitely, 100% not. It took about 6-8 weeks to really start to see steady progress. It took me 4 weeks to make $10, and I was ecstatic! It was working!

What are you looking forward to most as your Pinterest business grows?

Financial comfort. I have been an independent person all of my life. However, as life happens, hurdles and obstacles has always found their way into my path of living on my own, and here I am still at home.

I pay all of my own bills, but I cannot wait until I can finally afford to afford my own place and live on my own, and not have the silly little money fairy sitting on my shoulder saying, “What are you going to do if you have an emergency? You can’t afford it!”

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Anything you want to add for other potential students out there? 

If there’s any one thing I could say to any new student, it would be this: Keep going. Keep working at it, and don’t give up just because it’s slower than you hoped or not growing like you had imagined. Christina sincerely has all of our success at the top of her priority list and she WILL have your back. All you need is the grit to just keep moving forward.

Check out Becky’s Pinterest Profile Assessment, which is one of the sample assessments in the DIY Pinterest Profile Assessment Kit.

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