One of the biggest challenges I see people struggling with is how to grow your following, and what they miss is that their profile is a huge piece in that equation.

I just want to make sure I’m being clear: upgrading your profile isn’t a “magic quick fix” like some bloggers claim it is. You aren’t going to upgrade your profile and then suddenly start getting hundreds of followers overnight. Upgrading your Pinterest profile is one tactic Tailwind Tribes to use to improve your profile’s performance. It isn’t a substitute for hard work, pinning high-quality content consistently and joining things like to promote your Pins and grow your reach.

If you’re looking for a magic “make it easy” button, you’re in the wrong place. That being said… there are a couple of big mistakes I see some of my students making, and since I want you all to succeed, whether this is your first time here or you’re already a member of the Facebook group… there are some things I wanted to address to give you all the best chances of success.

Hot-button & controversial topics

Unless your platform is all about creating drama, controversy and politics, I highly suggest that you stay away from those kinds of topics. I can’t tell you how many people I used to respect until the last election and they were spewing their political garbage all over my news feed. Even people I agreed with on a lot of issues got unfollowed.

One of the things that the one consistent thing about politics are that they get ugly, and they’re very divisive, so unless that’s your platform, I’d keep the political meme board a secret and let the wonderful, positive things in your profile shine!


Temporary content

One of the things people don’t seem to grasp is just how very different Pinterest is from other platforms. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, once you share something, it’s out there forever. 

Instead of thinking of Pinterest as an image-saving platform or a way to promote, think of it more like Google Images, but with websites attached. It isn’t like Twitter, where you can share a link and be done with it, if you have a well-designed Pin you’re going to be getting Repinned and clicked on for a long time. Why would you frustrate your followers, and other users, by sharing something that in 6 months won’t be relevant?

  • Blog posts promoting sales (those sales will be gone soon, then what? You’re sharing something useless then!)
  • Affiliate links to specific products on websites like Zulily, where products change constantly

Short term, posts like this can bring you in some money, traffic, or both. But ultimately it’s one of the worst things you can do for your profile, because it’s just not useful long-term.


At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for yourself is to only post great content that provides value to your followers. That will help you grow your following, and that when Pinterest changes it’s algorithms you won’t be plunged into the land of no traffic and wondering how to bring it back up. If you’re providing value, changes to the algorithms won’t matter that much… trust me on this.

If you have more questions, I’ve love to answer them! You can ask them in the comments, or in the Facebook group here!

Happy Pinning!