I have a lot of friends on social media who sell things. They sell hair clips, health products, books, cleaning tools, leggings, makeup… you name it, I have a friend that sells it! You probably know what I’m talking about, because that probably happens to you.

  • you get those annoying event invites and then you have 63 notifications about an event you didn’t even know about
  • you are added to a selling group by someone who starts marketing to you, and you had no interest in their product
  • … or worse yet you are added back in to a selling group you left, because adding you once wasn’t enough.
  • there is that one friend you unfollow that is so obnoxious with her obsession with her product. Seriously girl, get a life.

Inviting people to your group without asking. Very few people are enthusiastic about being invited to selling groups or events on Facebook without being asked, especially when you don’t talk all that much. Selling groups are amazing when you do them well, but not when you randomly start inviting people.

Posting about nothing but your product/business on social media. No one wants to be friends with that person who is obsessed with one thing and doesn’t have any other interests. IT doesn’t matter how great your product is: it’s not a substitute for a real personality! Remember a few days ago when we talked about that girl friend we all have who’s obsessed with her business? Yeah, this can’t be stressed enough: do not be her.

Making your list of 10 friends, then cold-selling them. This is s sure-fire way to create come real bitterness and resentment between you and the people who used to be your friends, before you tried to treat them like dollar signs. Hint: enjoy your friends and treat them like you would before you started selling.

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Give unsolicited advice, with your product as the solution. Here’s one example. My girl friend Lindsey is a doll. I adore her and she asked me how I was doing. She’d noticed my posts about having more energy and wanted to know about what I was doing. I outlined some of my new self-care routine, part of which was my product. Not all of it, just a piece of it. I wasn’t marketing to her, just sharing my new routine. No pitch or sale offer – just sharing. She responded back to me and said thank you for sharing and explained why she hadn’t bought anything from the company I used. She’s been struggling with her energy level and her weight since her last baby, and she’d had several consultants for the same company I repped for message her (without being asked) to solve her problem, if she was willing to buy from them. Um. No.

If you’ve done all of these things, there’s hope for you yet. You can still fix your business and turn it into something that’s a hugely profitable venture for your business, without having to focus on people management and recruiting! I’ve made a free ecourse that addresses all of these things, how to avoid them and what to do instead so you can start sharing your product in a way that you don’t have to use gross pressure sales tactics to get people to buy from you.