Create a sustainable business and entrepreneurial lifestyle with me! 

Most entrepreneurs fail. But not you, not us.

I am a huge advocate for women having amazing, full lives that allows them to do what they love, on their terms. Most women who start businesses lack the resources to create a sustainable, manageable business that they love.

That’s where Organize Your Biz comes into play.

OYB is a place where I’ve created a community and resources for women to help build their businesses doing what they love. I took all my frustrations of being an entrepreneur and used them to create a safe space where women could come for two things we desperately need as entrepreneurs: community and education. As a work from home mom who struggled with having minimal support and little education on how a stay at home mom could run a business and have some kind of work-life balance, I knew from all the other women I’d met and spoken to that there was a real need for this.

Businesses were dying, because women have been sold the idea that we should, or have to, go it alone because everyone else is “competition” or that we have to do things we hate (ever tried direct sales and tried to get your friends to host parties for you because of a high-pressure upline? Blech!)

Here are the terrifying statistics from women we surveyed:


Women who've quit a business in the past because they didn't have the tools and support they needed


Women who have at least one business that's failed


Women entrepreneurs who feel like they have inadequate support in their business endeavors

Women entrepreneurs deserve better. We deserve more.

So, I created a place where we could have more. Better ways to make money more efficiently, and better ways to keep your business managed so you can handle the rest of life. You don’t have to work 80 hour weeks to have a thriving business, with your family living off take out, drive-thru bagged meals and convenience food. That isn’t living.

Let’s Organize Your Biz! 

1. Create sustainable income for yourself

Creating your own income on your own terms is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur. Although our students are encouraged to try out anything they love, we focus on two primary business models.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing


2. Join the community

We have a lovely Facebook group where we ladies hang out and discuss business, and support one another. That is where I share new resources and such.

I would love to have you as a member, and I’m thrilled to have you here at Organize Your Biz!