Hey there, I’m Christina

I empower women to make sustainable income online

How I partner with women

I work with women to help them create businesses that work for them – with the strengths of their unique personalities and within the time constraints of their busy lives.


Personalized Business Strategy

Your personality is unique – your business strategy should be too! I provide personality assessments to all my students who want one, and we can go from there on how you create your unique business!

Creative, Sustainable Income Models

Once you know your unique personalist type, I’ll help you decide which income model will work best for you and teach you how to implement it!

Run your business your way.

I’ll help you learn how.

Create a Personality-Based Business Plan 

There are 8 basic archetype that determine how you handle money, and business. I help women discover their archetype, then use that archetype to create a business plan that’s aligned with how they are wired. It’s designed to help you:

  • make the most of your natural strengths
  • mitigate your weaknesses
  • let go of patterns that held you back like your old sabotages, mindset issues, and address their root causes so you can make huge progress forward toward your biggest goals and dreams
  • hands you the power by giving you tools to create your ideal life

Create Income on Pinterest, without a website

Many women use Pinterest – but what many women don’t know is how they can create an income from their Pinning habits! In this introductory course, I can show you:

  • How women are making money every day, just by Pinning
  • What the daily routine looks like
  • The method women are using to make money, without websites or blogs!

Start building your business that’s custom-made for your personality 

Join a community dedicated to mutual growth, encouragement, and support for women entrepreneurs

I also write articles

How to Set Boundaries in your Business

I always get a big chuckle when I see quotes that say things like, "Only entrepreneurs would work 80 hours a week for themselves in order to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else." Most entrepreneurs I know fall into one of three categories: they are the...

How to create a business designed for YOUR personality

What does success in your business look like to you? How about financial security - what does that look like to you? I used to think that us entrepreneurs were all cut from the same cloth. Many of my business friends were the same type as me -  the 'jump first, think...

The secret cause of burnout no one wants to talk about

Over the past year, I've been subtly changing everything about how I handle my money, my life, and my business. It's been something subtle, but powerful that's lead me to a completely different sort of daily routine, and it's really allowed me to live the...

What services should you offer to clients?

There are lots of things you can call yourself when you offer one on one services to others - a virtual assistant, coach, freelancer, consultant... but what you call yourself is a lot less important than the services you offer to your clients. I've been...

How to Create a Website

Do you ever seem to have those little projects that never seem to get done? You always intend to do them, but somehow you never seem to remember to do them until it becomes important? This blog post is one of those. I know I've been asked a lot about how to start with...

How to make sure VA clients pay you every time

I'm currently doing a series on being a virtual assistant, which was how we paid our bills for a while before Organize Your Biz was around. One of the questions I've heard from my lovely Facebook groupies (you should join us, we love meeting...