Hey there gorgeous!

I’m Christina Root, I help women make a sustainable income online while doing what they really love. 

A little bit about me: 

  • I’m a mother of three tiny humans who stay home with my during the day. We homeschool and love being able to facilitate learning and big adventures because I can stay home with them.
  • Drinking tea isn’t something that happens occasionally at my house, it’s a staple in my daily routine, except when we do hot chocolate, with generous dollops of whipped cream.
  • I believe that all women should have the opportunity to make money from home without feeling pressured to sell to their friends, recruit people, or do stuff they hate doing all day long, it’s why I do what I do here.

How I partner with women

I work with women to help them create businesses that work for them – with the strengths of their unique personalities and within the time constraints of their busy lives.


Personalized Business Strategy

Your personality is unique – your business strategy should be too! I provide personality assessments to all my students who want one, and we can go from there on how you create your unique business!

Creative, Sustainable Income Models

Once you know your unique personalist type, I’ll help you decide which income model will work best for you and teach you how to implement it!

Run your business your way.

I’ll help you learn how.

Create a Personality-Based Business Plan 

There are 8 basic archetype that determine how you handle money, and business. I help women discover their archetype, then use that archetype to create a business plan that’s aligned with how they are wired. It’s designed to help you:

  • make the most of your natural strengths
  • mitigate your weaknesses
  • let go of patterns that held you back like your old sabotages, mindset issues, and address their root causes so you can make huge progress forward toward your biggest goals and dreams
  • hands you the power by giving you tools to create your ideal life

Create income without creating your own products

Many women want to make money online, but feel totally overwhelmed with the process of trying to figure out how to setup a website, decide what to share on it AND create their own products. I would love to help you learn if affiliate marketing is a good fit for you in my free course. 

    Start building your business that’s custom-made for your personality 

    Join a community dedicated to mutual growth, encouragement, and support for women entrepreneurs

    I also write articles

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