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The REAL Truth Behind Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

1. Pinterest affiliate marketing businesses take hard work and consistency to launch One of the biggest things I struggled with is mistaking something simple (sharing affiliate links on Pinterest) as something...

An Open Letter to Side Hustle Bloggers

Dear Side Hustle Bloggers, You’re probably a really nice person. So please start acting like it. Stop recommending crappy side hustles When you recommend crappy side hustles like SwagBucks, you aren’t helping people....

Case Study: Dana Logan

  Dana is a full-time working woman, wife, mom of a 4-year-old, and has a baby on the way! I have a bit of a soft spot for students with new babies on the way, or little ones who have already arrived. When I first started...

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Case Study: Lisa Hill

Lisa is one of my students of 5 Days to Profitable Affiliate Pinning students, where I teach people how to make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog. She started off with no Pinterst followers because she...

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